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3 - Mack Flavelle | Overpriced JPEGs

Nov 27 • 01:07:23

Mack Flavelle is the Co-Founder of CryptoKitties, Dapper Labs, and Big Head Club. CryptoKitties was instrumental in establishing the ERC-721 standard, which is the base for the vast majority of NFTs. Mack helped launch NBA Top Shot and StonerCats, and that just begins to cover his impact in the space....

ROLLUP - VCs Abandoning Ethereum | Macy's & NFL NFTs | ConstitutionDAO vs Citadel | Binance Arbitrum

Nov 25 • 01:57:38

Thanksgiving 2021...

Super Scaling with StarkWare | Uri Kolodny & Eli Ben-Sasson

Nov 24 • 01:18:40

Ethereum is scaling. With a recent $50 million raise at a valuation of $2 billion, StarkWare is pioneering zkRollups across the Ethereum ecosystem. As it powers dYdX, arguably the most liquid market in the world, StarkWare is continuing to move into new territory, with StarkNet imminently deploying on Ethereum Mainnet....

pplpleasr | Layer Zero

Nov 23 • 01:17:11

pplpleasr is the digital artist who exploded into the NFT & DeFi space after creating the x * y = k visual animation announcement for Uniswap v3....

93 - Crypto Payments and the DeFi Mullet | Visa's Cuy Sheffield and Anchorage's Diogo Mónica

Nov 22 • 01:31:29

The DeFi Mullet is a classic Bankless thesis that we've begun to watch play out right in front of us. This week, we bring on Cuy Sheffield from Visa and Diogo Mónica from Anchorage to explain the DeFi mullet from the Fintech side of things....

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What's Going on With The Apes? | Overpriced JPEGs Recap #2

Nov 20 • 41:44

In this weekly Metaversal Recap, we cover the movements of the broader NFT Market. The Apes - both Bored and Mutant - have been on fire as the projects pick up IRL steam from celebrities....

ROLLUP: ConstitutionDAO | Tarantino NFT Sued | Beeple & Jimmy Fallon | FEI RARI

Nov 19 • 01:41:13

3rd Week of November, 2021...

2 - Zeneca_33 | Overpriced JPEGs

Nov 18 • 01:12:15

Zeneca_33 is an NFT influencer, thought leader, and community member (whatever your preferred term is). After playing poker professionally, Zeneca fell down the NFT rabbit hole in early 2021 and has quickly amassed a huge following. His takes are often sobering and always even-keeled, which is incredibly valuable in this emotional and chaotic market....

The State of the Charts with Benjamin Cowen

Nov 17 • 01:22:54

It's that time again. Time to dive into the charts, this time with Benjamin Cowen. With energy flooding into the space, and prices at the top of everyone's mind, Benjamin brings his consistent, disciplined approach to Bankless listeners....

GMoney | Layer Zero

Nov 16 • 01:25:22

gmoney holds one of the four knitted cap ape CryptoPunks, and is a prolific investor. From riding the dot com bubble all the way down as a pre-teen to buying apple calls in high school, gmoney has always been deeply fascinated by finance....

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