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Bald Move Prestige is where the best of the best come to shine. In the Prestige podcast, we talk about serious dramas, excellence in filmmaking, and everything in between; on television or on the big screen.

Popular episodes

The French Connection (1971)

Dec 1 • 51:19

The French Connection, starring Gene Hackman as a narcotics officer playing a hunch to stop an international drug buy, is a classic for its kinetic chase scenes, not necessarily for its well-realized characters or compelling plot. Join us for the podcast to find out how it holds up over 50 years after its release....

Rocketman (2019)

Nov 24 • 54:27

Time for another biopic! This time it's Taron Egerton doing a nearly-perfect Elton John. We don't quite agree on how much fun the movie is but it's certainly not the fault of the excellent cast....

Moonlight (2016)

Nov 18 • 49:35

Moonlight is a simple movie about a simple tale of an incredibly complex time in a young boy's life. It won several Academy awards the year it was released and, we think, for good reason. Join us for a discussion of the merits of this movie, as well as how a tale about a young gay black man can resonate far outside of the shared experience....

True Romance (1993)

Nov 15 • 01:15:33

This week we’ve got a special treat thanks to our commissioner, Dena. It’s one of the handful of movies that Quentin Tarantino wrote, but didn’t direct. What do Tarantino’s unique sensibilities look like when filtered through another director? Find out with us on the True Romance podcast....

Hoosiers (1986) 35th Anniversary

Nov 11 • 01:33:35

It has been 35 years since Hoosiers became the definitive Indiana basketball movie, and possibly one of the all-time great inspirational sports movies. Though we both were born and raised in Indiana, we somehow managed to miss this movie entirely. Join us for the podcast as we talk our way through our feelings about this beloved classic....

The Last Duel (2021)

Nov 3 • 45:25

The Last Duel has been mostly pleasing critics, and it might please audiences if they were going out to see it, but it has been a big flop so far. We discuss some reasons why that might be after giving our opinion on Ridley Scott's latest work....

Jaws (1975)

Oct 27 • 01:04:28

Here's another petrifying prestige film… Jaws. Author Peter Benchley and director Steven Spielberg team up to put you off visiting the beach for a good long time. Does JAWS hold up? Or does the rubber shark effects make it feel safe to get back into the water. Check out the podcast to find out....

Psycho (1960)

Oct 20 • 01:15:20

There's almost certainly nothing left to say about a 60+ year old movie from the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, but that won't stop us from saying our piece. If you haven't seen Psycho, it's absolutely worthy of a watch. If you have seen it, join us for a podcast that attempts to properly appreciate the cinematic mastery on display....

Mulholland Drive (2001) 20th Anniversary re-release

Oct 19 • 01:19:14

Oh boy… What can I say about this week’s big anniversary that won’t piss off the general public who apparently respects and admires the works of David Lynch? Well, I can say that we’re re-releasing our podcast on Mulholland Drive for its 20th anniversary. I can also say that the opinions expressed in the podcast are now 5 years old and I’ve seen exactly 1 David Lynch movie...

Training Day (2001)

Oct 11 • 01:01:59

It's the 20th anniversary of Training Day and while we had no fewer than 3 big anniversaries this week, we managed to get to them all in due time. This is the only role that Denzel Washington has won an academy award in a leading role for, which seems crazy, I know! But it's pretty well-deserved as he and Ethan Hawke carry this movie. Without either of these performances, ...

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