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Episode 181 - An All-Too-Common Story Arc

May 16 • 08:21
There is a tragic story arc that is becoming more common with Agile teams - start big, get hammered, lose confidence, lower the bar. You can imagine why this would be a problem....
  • We start with grand ambition and vision, which is great.
  • We move into planning and execution
  • Somewh...

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Episode 179 - Find Passion, Push Harder

May 3 • 10:46
  • High Performing teams are not a secret, but we often fail to observe and apply the right principles
  • Making people flow with productivity is easy to say, easy to teach, but hard to do
  • WE fail to connect with the individual values; without this, team dynamics and agile processes won't help
  • Championship teams have the right individuals with the right reasons, motivations, traini...

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Episode 180 - Failure of Courage In Action

May 9 • 12:34
All agile failure is a failure of courage in action
  • we're reporting back that there is an increasing rate of failure in terms of transformation and investment.
  • the problem is not your grasp of agile, nor your tools, nor your teams
  • we need to demonstrate courage in conversations, bei...

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Badass Unscripted - Handling Your Inner Critic

May 13 • 07:20

It's possible we all will have a lifelong relationship with your inner critic.  It begins with acceptance that its there...something that guides your actions, and possibly limits your greatness.  Oddly, it's supposed to be your friend, protecting you from harm, but it doesn't understand the modern context of danger and risk, so it often overshoots the mark....

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Badass Unscripted - It's Still About Profit And Speed

May 7 • 06:08

Ultimately, if Agile doesn't make for happier customers, profits won't flow; and history shows that rapid and certain decline will follow as the industry looks for something new to solve the problem....

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Badass Unscripted - Run From Popular Opinion

Apr 28 • 05:07

Books, social media, courses, video, blogs - there is so much content to help you grow, but how much of it is useful? When something becomes so widespread that it feels like everyone is talking about it, its time to walk away....

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May 11, 1921

May 11 • 04:19

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Episode 188 - Patience and Persistence

Jul 12 • 12:17

To grow yourself AND your team, develop your patience and persistence....

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Episode 183 - Creating The Best Companies To Work For

May 31 • 08:15
If you want to work for "the best companies to work for" - make it yourself.
Great companies must model the ability to venture into the unknown and the uncommon in order to attain and sustain greatness.
It is possible whether the organization is large or small, but large organizations carry an additional challenge of overcoming negative will - the tendency to push back again...

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May Agile Mastery Series

May 4 • 04:30

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