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Our guest include Athletes, Trainers, Experts, and Mindset Coaches Our hope is to inspire a change in mindset and a shift in current and former basketball players' lifestyle and daily habits by focusing on personal storytelling, community building, empowerment, and accountability. TopicsRead more

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#25 Rashawn Browne (Professional Basketball Player) -- Playing in the CEBL Bubble, difference between College Basketball in Canada and the USA, managing injuries, and how his training has changed.

Jun 23 • 55:03

Today on the Back 2 Basketball Podcast we have Rashawn Browne...

#24 (ModernMaskulinity Podcast) -- Vulnerability, Self-Love, mental health vs mental illness.

Jun 16 • 01:41:43

Today on the Back2Basketball Podcast, we have the Co-Hosts of the ModernMaskulinity Podcast – Anwar Ahmed and Kyle Rushton. Their goal is to support men on their journey towards becoming the best possible version of themselves by providing insight, support, perspective, and most importantly, a safe space to live authentically with a community of conscious kings....

#23 Dan Becker (Professional Basketball Player) -- sacrifices he had to make to improve his game, playing all over the world, changes in training and coaches, cool basketball stories

Jun 9 • 01:08:15

Today on the Back2Basketball podcast we have Dan Becker. Dan is a former Division 1 standout where he played 1 year at St. Joseph's University, before transferring to the University of Colorado....

#22 Ashley Besecker (Functional Performance Nutritionist) -- Genetics vs Genomics, optimal athlete nutrition, key vitaims that should be consumed, tips for everyday people.

Jun 2 • 01:00:19

Today on the Back2Basketball podcast, we have Ashley Besecker, Ashley has a B.S. in Nutritional Science from Pepperdine University, a Genetics and Genomics certificate from Stanford University, and she completed a dietetic internship at Vanderbilt University medical centre. ...

#21 Steve Sir (Professional Basketball Player) -- Attempting to qualify for the Olympics Games, playing in the NBA G League, strategies for success

May 25 • 01:12:42

Today on the Back2Basketball Podcast we have Steve Sir. Steve is a professional basketball player. He is a former Division 1 stand-out at Northern Arizona University where he lead the national in 3pt shooting %. A record he still holds to this day. He went on to play 10 years professional in 5on5 basketball. Nowadays, he’s shifted his focus to 3x3 basketball where is he re...

#20 Shane Dowd (Coach & Corrective Exercise Specialist) on Mobility vs Stability, the power of meditation and mindfulness, and tips for reducing pain.

Apr 15 • 51:43

He is a Certified Massage Practitioner, Strength & Conditioning Coach, and Corrective Exercise Specialist. He started got ROM after he was prescribed surgery for hip impingement, and rather than get the surgery, he went on a journey to fix himself. That was 10 years ago. Shane is now pain-free and teaching people the techniques he learned throughout his journey. Got ROM ha...

#19 Malik Irwin (Professional Basketball Player) -- Tearing both ACL's, loving the process, skills he's learned through the rehab process.

Apr 12 • 40:39

Malik is a professional basketball player who graduated from the University of Manitoba. He played last season in Kosovo before the lockdown sent him home. Malik has an interesting injury story, he tore his ACL in his senior year of high school and then tore the other one in his senior year of college....

Bonus Episode #2 - Game Beyond the Game Podcast Interview (Elite Mindset Expert) - I am a guest on the Game beyond the game Podcast with Prince Dainels Jr

Apr 7 • 47:40

Prince Daniels Jr. is a former NFL running back turned high-performance mentor, author and entrepreneur who lives by the mantra: “Nothing is impossible unless you truly believe it is.” His personal story is one of determination and a true-to-life testimony that anything is possible. His football career began as a walk-on for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets but eventually s...

#18 Vyron Phillips (MMA Fighter) -- Fighting Roy Jones JR, training after two serious injuries, managing the highs and lows of competition.

Mar 31 • 01:06:15

Vyron is a former college basketball player who, after a successful college career, turned his energy towards being an MMA fighter. He’s had quite the ride so far. He’s been on a fight documentary that filmed in Japan, broke his foot and ruptured every tendon in his ankle in the middle of a fight, and oh ya he fought Roy Jones Jr. Vyron, is also a fight coach and takes pri...

#17 Ransford Brempong (Professional Basketball Player) playing Kobe Bryant, emotions around blowing out your knee and self-talk and motivation

Mar 29 • 01:21:12

Ransford Brempong is a retired professional basketball player who after finishing his career at Western Carolina was the all-time leader in blocked shots, went on to play 5 years overseas as well as 8 years with the Canadian National team. He now lives in North Vancouver, where he focuses his energy on coaching and training youth basketball players. Ransford, also started ...

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