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The Official AWS Podcast is a podcast for developers and IT professionals looking for the latest news and trends in storage, security, infrastructure, serverless, and more. Join Simon Elisha and Nicki Stone for regular updates, deep dives, and interviews. Whether you’re training machine learningRead more

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#485: [Right Now at AWS] Episode 12 - Intelligent Automation

Nov 24 • 16:12
Intelligent Automation on AWS is for anybody who has ever wanted a better, faster way to accomplish a task. It decreases manual effort across an organization and provides 70 to 90% business process efficiency, on average. Listen to the podcast to learn 3 common approaches to implementing intelligent automation, including: AI-powered assessments into how employees actually ...

#484: November 2021 Update Show 1

Nov 21 • 52:39
Simon and Nicki guide you through well over 100 updates prior to our re:Invent special episodes. Remember you can record feedback at https://d1ox81nm0qxi… Chapters:
01:27 AWS Marketplace
02:03 Analytics
04:21 Amazon Athena
06:51 Application Integration
07:59 Block Chain
08:24 Business Applicatins
09:45 Compute
20:09 Customer Engagement
23:27 Databases
28:42 Devel...

#483: Exploring EBS io2 Block Express

Nov 14 • 24:48
io2 Block Express is the newest Elastic Block Storage (EBS) volume type designed with the scalability and performance to serve many applications that are traditionally on-premises. In this episode, Simon is joined by Ryan Sayre, Senior Storage Specialist focusing on EBS. They discuss where EBS fits into AWS data storage offerings, and how io2 Block Express delivers on the ...

#482: [INTRODUCING] AWS Local Zones

Nov 7 • 23:28
What are AWS Local Zones? How are customers using them for hybrid enterprise migration? Tune in to listen to Nicki chat with Andrew Purdin (Manager, Platform Engineering at MindBody), Ben Diringer (Infrastructure Architect at MindBody), John Bair (System Architect at MindBody), and Pranav Chachra (Sr. Product Manager for AWS Local Zones) about how MindBody is using Local Z...

#481: [INTRODUCING] AWS Panorama

Oct 31 • 23:05
Are you interested in implementing computer vision for your existing cameras, but don’t know where to start? Tune in to listen to Nicki Stone chat with Imran Moin, Head of Product Management for a new service called AWS Panorama. AWS Panorama is a machine learning appliance and software development kit that brings computer vision to on-premises IP cameras, all at the edge ...

#480: October 2021 Update Show 3

Oct 24 • 33:10
Simon takes you through a bumper crop of updates! Remember you can record feedback at https://d1ox81nm0qxi… Chapters:
01:00 AWS Marketplace
01:24 Analytics
06:30 Application Integration
07:19 Business Applications
08:15 Compute
11:12 Database
13:10 Developer Tools
14:26 Front-end and Mobile
15:40 Machine Learning
22:36 Management & Governance
27:20 Media Services

#479: [INTRODUCING] Amazon EKS Anywhere

Oct 17 • 20:49
Amazon EKS Anywhere is a new deployment option for Amazon EKS that allows customers to create and operate Kubernetes clusters on customer-managed infrastructure, supported by AWS. Customers can now run Amazon EKS Anywhere on their own on-premises infrastructure. In this episode, Jackson West (Software Development Manager) and Vipin Mohan (Product Manager) join Simon to dis...

#478: [Right Now at AWS] Episode 11 - Why AWS for Genomics?

Oct 13 • 15:27
We’re living in an era of genomics revolution. The remarkable acceleration of sequencing time and a 99.9% decrease in costs are enabling new genomics use cases in healthcare, agriculture, and beyond. But advanced sequencing capabilities are pushing legacy technology to its brink. That’s why genomics experts, like Principal Worldwide Genomics Solutions Specialist Pantea Kho...

#477: October 2021 Update Show 2

Oct 10 • 24:36
Some really interesting and powerful updates in this episode. Remember you can record feedback at https://d1ox81nm0qxi…
01:11 Analytics
04:16 Application Integration
07:07 Compute
11:38 Customer Engagement
12:28 Database
14:18 Developer Tools
15:57 Front-end Web & Mobile
17:31 Internet of Things (IoT)
18:57 Machine Learning
19:53 Management & Governance

#476: October 2021 Update Show 1

Oct 3 • 50:13
Simon and Nicki take you through some fun and useful updates! Remember you can record feedback at https://d1ox81nm0qxi…
01:18 Infrastructure Update
02:12 AWS Marketplace
02:58 Analytics
11:23 Application Integration
11:36 Compute
17:33 Customer Engagement
20:46 Databases
23:48 Developer Tools
27:13 Game Tech
28:19 Internet of Things (IoT)
29:13 Machine L...

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