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This motivational podcast is dedicated to helping you grow spiritually and improve all areas your life. If you are going through a spiritual awakening, or maybe you just want to learn how to live your most authentic and happy life, then this is the podcast for you. This podcast is dedicated toRead more

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Changing Your Lens with Bob Galletta

Jul 28 • 46:33

Have you ever had a moment of discovery where you realized that you were disappointed in the way that you had behaved your entire life? Meet Bob Galletta. Bob was raised in a crime family and his mother was murdered by his father when he was 10 years old. He was so angry about the circumstances in his life that he acted out in ways that he wasn't proud of.  He finally real...

Face Your Flaws

Jul 26 • 31:45

We all have flaws. We are spirits having a human experience. Humans are flawed by their own life experiences. When we are faced to look at our flaws, it can be painful. It’s also really important because our flaws show us where we need to grow. Most people want to hide, ignore, or run away from their flaws. Don’t do that. Your shadow aspects of yourself are there for a rea...

Living Intentionally with Finnian Kelly

Jul 23 • 49:11

Finnian Kelly is an entrepreneur, and his mission is to spread the concept of living intentionally throughout the world. How would you like to live in awe of every moment - instead of rushing to what’s next? You can through Intentionality - a practice that directs you back to your true nature. It’s a journey of finding your way so you can return to love, live in the now, a...

Come Back to the Essence of You

Jul 21 • 26:16

Many times in life we lose our way. Part of the reason that this happens is because we forget who we truly are at our core. We get so busy in life that we forget to slow down and take care of our inner selves. Self-care is so super important. When we forget who we truly are, we disconnect from our higher selves. In essence we lose who we are. Today I talk about the importa...

You Don't Have to do it Alone

Jul 19 • 23:49

Are you constantly trying to figure out everything in life by yourself?  How is that working out for you?  You’re probably feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Do you want to know why?  We were not meant to do everything alone.  The Universe puts people in our path who can help us. Whether or not we choose to seek the help is up to us. You can either wander around aimlessly...

Allow Yourself to Dream with Heather Doran

Jul 16 • 51:28

Today I welcome back Heather Doran. Heather is a financial coach who helps people tap into their potential for success. She talks about all of the reasons we stay stuck in our lives financially. She explains that everything starts and ends with mindset and energy. When we don't allow ourselves permission to express our desires and use our voices to speak our truth, we sabo...

Shielding Yourself From Negative Energy

Jul 14 • 27:47

Have you ever felt like someone was sending you bad energy? Today I talk about how other people can either send you negative intentions or have spell work done on you. I also explain the different ways that you can protect and shield yourself from these energies. You don’t have to be a victim of anyone else’s jealousy, anger, or resentment. You can protect yourself and pre...

Your Health Matters

Jul 12 • 27:33

Are you taking care of yourself? For many people self-care is an after thought. Self-care isn’t selfish it is crucial you your physical and mental well-being. Today I talk about some easy ways to stay healthy from exercise to diet changes. Staying on top of your physical and mental health is extremely important right now. 
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What Doubting Yourself is Really Costing You

Jul 9 • 29:06

Do you find yourself doubting the decisions that you make? Maybe you know what decision you should make, but then you find yourself doing the opposite. Lacking confidence in our own decision making is a direct result of having low self-esteem. This is a common problem that many people suffer from. When you have low self-esteem, you tend to mistrust your own intuition. You ...

Sometimes We Make It Harder Than It Is

Jul 7 • 30:13

I had a really tough week energetically speaking. My negative thoughts were racing. I heard a song lyric that spoke to me. It said, "Sometimes we make it harder than it is." I don't know why that particular lyric stuck in my mind, but it really spoke to me. I realized that all of the negative energy I was experiencing all week was a product of my own thinking. I had been i...

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