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Learn to grow, exchange tips and join the conversation as we dive in to the world of autoflower cannabis. With a sea of conflicting information out there, the Autoflower Podcast attempts to bring relevant information to the common home grower by recording conversations with growers, breeders andRead more

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Ep64: Chatting w/ a Soil Scientist (Ashley from Gardening in Canada)

Dec 1 • 01:02:32

Video episodes are now available on YouTube!...

Ep63: Navigating Autoflower Cannabis Deficiencies & pH Levels w/ Full Duplex

Nov 24 • 57:00

Video episodes are now available on YouTube!

Dan (Full Duplex) from Gnome Automatics is back to chat about navigating autoflower cannabis deficiencies and pH levels. We wanted to chat about specific nutrient deficiencies but quickly realized that without pictures or real plants in front of us on video it’s difficult to go over each...

Ep62: DIY Organic Potting Soil, Super Soil & Natural Farming Inputs w/ AutoflowerAK

Nov 17 • 59:11

Video episodes are now available on YouTube!...

Ep61: Mad Hatter Organics (Growing Organically in Coco Coir)

Nov 10 • 01:02:27

Big shoutout to new Patreon members Wrongholn519, Anthony, Submerged Grow, Sticky_Icky_MD, Roach420, Travis, 716Nugs, Ethan, Brad, Rafael, KJ, Mt.RainerAutoGrow, Instaflower20, Jenny & Elber!...

Episode 60: Mr.GrowIt (Harvesting, Drying & Curing Cannabis)

Nov 3 • 01:07:48

Big shoutout to new Patreon members Macks_Autoz and Kitt Weederson. Your support is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for signing up!...

Ep59: Nature's Living Soil (Organic Super Soil for Autoflower Cannabis)

Oct 27 • 58:50

I’m excited to have Richard from Nature’s Living Soil on this episode. He’s an old school grower who started growing cannabis in the late 70’s and has grown in soil, hydroponics and aeroponics. He ended up wanting to get back to a natural, organic way of growing. He began adopting the super soil method and realized the potential of “cooking or composting” the ingredients t...

Ep58: Rasta K - Growing in Prohibition Land

Oct 20 • 01:04:13

Big shoutout to the new Patreon supporters TheRealMr.FloGrown420, Dylan, Jolene and Guy. Thank you so much for signing up, thank you for your support and welcome to the community. Unfortunately the Flowering Club spots are sold out again. I plan on opening up more spots on the first of October, I’m just doing some math to see how many I can open. I apologize if you tried t...

Ep57: MrAutoGrow - Growing Cannabis to Produce Bubble Hash & Live Rosin

Oct 13 • 59:21

If you happen to be a hash or concentrate nerd, this episode is totally for you. Mr.AutoGrow is a home grower of both photoperiod and autoflower cannabis. He shares with us how he produces live rosin, which is a solventless concentrate (and when I say solventless I really mean no dangerous chemicals, his solvent is literally water)... anyway it’s a concentrate made from pr...

Ep56: SpacementGrown - A Home Grower in Coco Coir Utilizing Low Stress Training

Oct 6 • 59:34

Our guest this week has been growing for a couple of years. He’s an indoor home grower who grows autoflower cannabis in coco coir to provide himself with medicine for pain relief. He trains his plants with the low stress training method, or “LST” and is going to share his personal grow methods with us. I love chatting with different growers because we all grow a little bit...

Ep55: Dialing in an Indoor Grow Environment w/ Mr.FloGrown420

Sep 29 • 01:07:56

Welcome new patrons Mike, Dan, Sleek, RollMeOneKenobi, Rey, Brian, Smiley, Joshua, BonedtotheStones, Aaron, Oter and Murray. Thank you all so much for signing up and welcome to the community!...

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