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The Australian Finance Podcast is your guide to sorting out your finances, one episode at a time. Owen & Kate bring you actionable strategies and knowledge that you can put into practice today. Save money, invest better and live life on your terms. New to the show? We recommend that you head backRead more

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Q&A: Margin loans, using DRPs and is broker data good?

Dec 6 • 49:39
Welcome back to another listener Q&A episode, where Kate Campbell and Owen Rask crack open the mailbox to answer your questions.

This month we cover a great range of questions covering hyperinflation, the pros and cons of margin loans, whether to buy S&P 500 ETFs on the ASX or US markets, the value of using DRPs when you only have a small investment and the credibility of b...

ETF Review: Vanguard Diversified High Growth ETF (ASX:VDHG)

Dec 2 • 31:13
This episode of The Australian Finance Podcast features a review of the Vanguard Diversified High Growth ETF (ASX:VDHG). Kate and Owen cover how VDHG works, how investors might use it in their portfolio and their thoughts on using it long-term.
Before we start please note, this is not a recommendation from Kate, Owen or the Rask Team.

This episode is part of our monthly seri...

Negotiating a pay rise in 2022 with Meggie Palmer

Nov 29 • 34:11
Have you started preparing to ask for a pay rise in 2022?

In this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate Campbell chats to the trailblazing Meggie Palmer, founder of salary negotiation company PepTalkHer, about getting a pay rise in 2022.

Meggie shares her tips and tricks for preparing for a successful salary negotiation, recording your wins, how to approach the con...

Top Rask community investing resources in 2021

Nov 25 • 23:52
In this week's episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate & Owen share some fantastic investing resources suggested by the Rask Australia community to help you manage your time and money better.

Plus, they share some of their favourite investing tools, podcasts and Twitter accounts to use on your investing journey.

Be sure to check out the other resources suggested by o...

Graduating? Here are 10 money lessons you need to hear now

Nov 22 • 47:48
If you’ve just finished year 12, TAFE or university, you’re probably starting to realise that the world out there is a big place (especially now that the borders are opening again).

You may also be starting to realise that the place you’ve been spending the last few years of your life, hasn’t exactly prepared you for the reality of being an adult.

Paying taxes, superannuatio...

Using your money to make an impact | Rask Christmas Giving Appeal

Nov 18 • 30:39
This Christmas at Rask Australia we’re encouraging our community to give back, and support some causes that mean a lot to us.

To launch our Rask Christmas Giving Appeal, Kate Campbell and Owen Rask spoke to Peter Singer from The Life You Can Save and Doug Taylor from The Smith Family. These are two very important organisations, that are making a positive impact in our world

Managed funds: the good, the bad and what to look for

Nov 15 • 50:18
We talk about shares & ETFs a lot on the podcast, but on this episode Kate & Owen are opening the floor on another historically popular investment product, the mighty managed fund.

As the name suggests, a managed fund is a pool of money managed by a professional fund manager. Managed funds can be a convenient and efficient way to invest, because one investment can open the ...

Finfluencers & social investing with Dr Natalie Hendry

Nov 11 • 43:35
Have you ever thought about what it actually means to be an investor?

In this thought-provoking and reflective episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate Campbell chats to Dr Natalie Hendry, a researcher at RMIT about her findings on how we learn about our personal finances through social platforms (Navigating uncertainty: Australian young adult investors and digital f...

Do you have to be wealthy to be healthy? | Dr Tim Crowe

Nov 8 • 33:03
In today's episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate and Owen chat to Dr Tim Crowe, a research scientist and educator that specialises in nutrition, who has literally written the textbook on nutrition. Plus, he runs the popular health podcast, Think Nutrition, which covers everything from sleep to gut health.

Tim shares the simple building blocks to a healthy diet, ho...

Kate & Owen's top personal finance apps in 2021

Nov 4 • 30:34
In this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate Campbell and Owen Rask share their top Australian personal finance apps for 2021 to help you save and invest, better.

We often mention different apps that we've found helpful when it comes to our personal finances on The Australian Finance Podcast, but in this episode we're bringing them all together for you in one spo...

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