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The Australian Finance Podcast is your guide to sorting out your finances, one episode at a time. Owen & Kate bring you actionable strategies and knowledge that you can put into practice today. Save money, invest better and live life on your terms. New to the show? We recommend that you head backRead more

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Is FIRE Right For You? Special Guest Lacey Filipich

Aug 23 • 47:50
In this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate talks with expert guest Lacey Filipich, Founder and Author of Money School.

Ultimately, the FIRE movement is all about taking back control over your time, and Lacey is a wonderful example of an Aussie doing just that. Kate chats to Lacey about her journey to financial independence (without even being aware of the FIRE ...

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Q&A: Should I short sell? Is Spaceship good? Stock Splits & investing for a child

Oct 5 • 46:09
In this Q&A episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate & Owen crack open the podcast inbox. Owen puts his analyst hat on and explains share splits and how short selling actually works, Kate checks in with Spaceship Voyager to find out exactly where client money is held. Grab a cup of coffee and tune into our latest Q&A episode. Other questions answered:

  • I have $80k in ...

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The Psychology of Money & Storytelling (ft. Morgan Housel)

Feb 8 • 42:33
Morgan Housel gets interviewed by Kate & Owen for The Australian Finance Podcast about his brilliant book, The Psychology of Money.

“Money has many ironies. Here’s an important one: Wealth is what you don’t see."

That's a quote from The Psychology of Money, written by today's special guest all the way from the US, Morgan Housel. ...

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5 Money Moves to Save/Make Money in 2020

Oct 12 • 17:42
In this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate & Owen jump right in and provide you with five money moves to make during October 2020, to finish the year on a strong note (hint: they're easy money moves to make!). From starting to financially prepare yourself for Christmas, taking a free finance course, considering spouse super contributions and donating to charit...

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Thematic Investing in Australia & Your ETF Questions Answered

Oct 26 • 30:29
In this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate & Owen chat to Kanish Chugh from ETF Securities, a leading Australian ETF provider. We dive into the topic of thematic investing and how ETFs can be used to express your views on the future of specific global trends and industries. Kanish also answers some listener questions, including how providers can keep managemen...

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