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The Aubrey Marcus Podcast is an illuminating conversation with mavens of mental health, relationship, health, business and spirituality. Aubrey Marcus is the founder of the human optimization and health empire Onnit, the New York Times bestselling author of Own the Day (covering the best practicesRead more

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AMP #318 Creating Your Own Heaven w/ Ben Greenfield

Jul 21 • 01:30:50

Ben Greenfield is a biohacker, podcast host, and a NYT best-selling author. In this wide-ranging conversation, we talk about cooking, community building, nuanced Christianity, biblical psychedelic recipes, biohacks, life-extension, and his philosophical disposition toward heaven. Ben also shares a powerful ritual he does with his family at the beginning and end of every da...

AMP #317 Secrets of Taoism and The Rebel Monk w/ Daniele Bolelli

Jul 14 • 02:45:44

This is one of those podcasts I would recommend to ANYONE. In this show I am joined by my brother Daniele Bolelli: writer, professor, martial artist, and host of History On Fire and The Drunken Taoist podcasts. I brought him in to talk about a profound piece of literature that reveals deeper insights every time I pick it up--the Tao Te Ching. We go through numerous passage...

AMP #316 Ketamine And The Mental Health Revolution w/ Dr. Dave Rabin

Jul 7 • 02:35:17

In today’s podcast I am joined by the Board-Certified Psychiatrist and Neuroscientist, Dr. Dave Rabin. In this long overdue conversation, we talk about how ketamine assisted therapy is leading a mental health revolution. As with many psychedelic medicines, ketamine in the right setting can be a powerful ally to help us rewrite traumatic emotional experiences. In addition, ...

AMP #315 Ayahuasca Masterclass on Judgment & Surrender w/ Erick Godsey

Jun 30 • 02:11:07

In today’s podcast I am joined by my brother Erick Godsey to talk about the life changing lessons that came from my recent Ayahuasca ceremonies. This was new territory for me as the facilitation was very different from anything I’ve ever experienced. I describe my experiences in ceremony, my encounter with a very powerful being, and the psychological insights that followed...

AMP #314 The Path Back To Joy w/ Porangui

Jun 23 • 02:02:14

In today’s podcast I am joined by my brother, master musician and medicine man, Porangui. Typical of most of my conversations with Porangui, this podcast was its own kind of medicine journey for me. We cover a lot of ground, including the sun dance ceremony, my recent bodywork apprenticeship, and Porangui plays some stunning songs that bring me to tears. ...

AMP #313 Love, Life & Death w/ Don Miguel Ruiz & Don Jose Ruiz

Jun 16 • 01:10:04

Don Miguel Ruiz is the only true mystic I have ever met in person. Spending a week with him changed my life forever, because it showed me that it was possible to escape suffering and embrace life fully. I am joined today by his son, Don Jose, who is carrying on the Toltec lineage of his father. This podcast goes way beyond the Four Agreements, including all the lessons on ...

Groundbreaking DMT research w/ Jon Dean and John Chavez | AMP #312

Jun 9 • 01:41:50

In this podcast I am joined by one of the very few people on earth who has scientifically studied DMT,  Dr. Jon Dean, and John Chavez, founder of DMT Quest. We talk about the research that has been conducted over this mystical and controversial compound, and the potential implications of such findings. Jon recently published a study that has ended the debate on whether or ...

AMP #311 How To Be A Sentient Savage with Satsang

Jun 2 • 01:58:44

It’s rare that I meet someone with whom I can have a conversation that can cover the full spectrum of the human experience. Satsang is one of those dudes. An incredible musician who embraces the multifaceted nature of life as a human being, we talked about art, fighting, plant medicine and more. Plus he played a couple of beautiful songs for us, including one off his new r...

AMP #310 The Story Of A More Beautiful World with Charles Eisenstein

May 26 • 02:23:09

In ten years of podcasting, this show with the legendary author and philosopher Charles Eisenstein might be my favorite. We discuss the myth of separation that has permeated our civilization, and the deep wounds of self-rejection that it has created. Then we build a new story, the story of interbeing, and how it can bring about The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is P...

AMP #309 Leadership Masterclass with Simon Sinek

May 19 • 01:18:29

In this podcast I am joined by the wildly popular inspirational speaker and best-selling author, Simon Sinek. We talk about the true meaning of leadership and how we can all cultivate our inherent capabilities to become leaders in business and life. A key aspect to this is understanding the difference between playing the finite and infinite game. Unfortunately the imbalanc...

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