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Attention to Detail: The Podcast


Coleman Ayers takes a deep dive under the microscope into the science and art of all things basketball and sports performance.

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Why Only Shooting "Game Shots" is the Worst Thing You Can Do

Jun 26 • 19:00

You hear it all the time from coaches: if you're not shooting "game shots" in workouts, you're not getting better. I 100% understand the reasoning. But, is anything in a workout really a "game shot?" There's no defense. We know what we're doing already and don't have to react and adjust. We're likely moving at lower speed. So is there really much of a point of trying to sh...

Ep #9: Why Basketball is the Best Workout You Can Do

May 31 • 18:38

Ep. #8: Hoopers Should Be Sprinting Full Speed.

Feb 20 • 18:35

As hoopers, we never sprint full speed. You may feel like you do, but I'd guess 90% of hoopers don't even reach their absolute max velocity within a given MONTH. Why? It's not the nature of our game. We don't open up for 40-50+ yards to escape defenders. With that being said, there is undoubtedly a range of benefits we can reap from sprinting full speed in our training pro...

Ep. #7: Joerik Michiels on European Basketball, Games Approach to Training, & the Most Creative Hoops Facility in the World

Feb 16 • 37:56

Ep. #6: Coach Steve Turner: Coaching at a National Powerhouse, Adapting to the Ever-Changing Game, DC Basketball Culture

Feb 15 • 53:34

Ep. #5: Turn Your Nervousness Into Your Best Games

Feb 14 • 17:00

I don't think any hooper can truthfully say they've never been nervous before or during a game. It's natural when you care about something, like we care so much about the game of basketball. But there are ways we can not only eliminate this but use it to our advantage! I give you three practical methods and much more in this episode. Hope y'all enjoy!...

Ep. #4: Working out By Yourself? How to Maximize Individual or Private Workouts

Feb 12 • 14:19

Ep. #3: Tyler Leclerc (@tjltraining) on "Figuring It Out" in Training, Getting the Most Out of Workouts, the Business Side of Training

Feb 8 • 25:08

Ep. #2: Mike G (@mrdoitmoving) on "Positional Awareness," Skill Acquisition, and Low-Hanging Fruit for Young Hoopers

Feb 5 • 56:21

Ep. #1: Why Players Don't See Results Sometimes

Jan 5 • 26:26

Welcome! I want to thank you guys for tuning in to this brand new endeavor, Attention to Detail: The Podcast. In this episode, I kick off the show with my vision for the show, but the majority of the 26 minutes takes a deep dive into why many players don't see results from their training many times. Hopefully you guys will take some applications away from this and get to w...

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