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Attention Different | an ADHD podcast

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Attention Different is a neurodiversity podcast dedicated to reframing ADHD. Hosts Aaron and Stephen shed light on living and even thriving with ADHD, offering new insights, strategies, and - how dare they - a bit of HUMOR, to leverage your ADHD for success. Our mission is to reclaim the label,Read more

Popular episodes

Relationship Problems between ADHD and Non-ADHD Partners

Sep 20 • 55:30

Featuring – Abbey Ager and Aaron Smith...

EP 20 – Take Your Pills: Our Response to the Response with Susan Burroughs

Apr 27 • 45:55

Episode 20 Take Your Pills: Our Response to the Response with Susan Burroughs


We respond to the backlash from Take Your Pills, the new documentary on Netflix that addressing issues of stimulant use and abuse, as well as performance-enhancing drugs. The film has created quite a stir in the ADHD community. Very soon we will be doing a deeper dive into the film...

EP 19 – Non-ADHD Siblings with Dr. Sharon Saline

Apr 12 • 43:13

Episode 19 – Non-ADHD Siblings with Dr. Sharon Saline

Today we interview Dr. Sharon Saline and discuss what it’s like for siblings in families where one sibling has ADHD and the other does not. Often times the focus is placed on what is going on for the ADHD sibling but what about the Non-ADHD sibling? Dr. Saline has experience in this area growing up in a family where her ...

EP 18 – Thriving with ADHD with Diann Wingert – Part 2

Feb 27 • 51:31

Episode 18 – Thriving with ADHD with Diann Wingert

In this follow-up episode on getting diagnosed later in life. Diann Wingert, an ADHD coach for entrepreneurs offers some insight into what it’s like to not only live with ADHD but to thrive! She has done some amazing things in her life and does not shy away from seeing her ADHD as the superpower it is. That doesn’t mean thi...

EP 17 – Late to the ADHD Party with Diann Wingert – Part 1

Feb 20 • 53:26

Episode 17 – Late to the ADHD Party with Diann Wingert

Not everyone gets diagnosed with ADHD as a child. Increasingly, more and more adults and mothers are getting diagnosed later in life. Diann is a mother, has children with ADHD, and is an experienced therapist with over 20 years in the field, yet, she just recently learned she too has ADHD. Like many people, Diann knew s...

EP 15 – Energy Management

Nov 30 • 57:42

Episode 15 – Energy Management

We all have heard about Time Management, but have you heard of Energy Management? In this episode, we go deeper than just time management and explain how you can optimize your energy output in four specific dimensions of your life through provocative questions. These energy buckets are 1) The Body -Physical Energy, 2) The Emotions: Quality of ...

EP 14 – Spreading Yourself Too Thin

Oct 19 • 01:04:37

Episode 14 Spreading Yourself Too Thin

Do you have a hard time saying NO to things? Do you find yourself making big promises and then not following through? Welcome to our world. We ADHDers often finding ourselves overcommitted to projects and activities and struggle to be realistic about how long things REALLY take to complete or how much energy we WILL have. Let’s end thi...

Ep 12 – MindFULLness

Aug 12 • 01:16:59

Episode 12 MindFULLness

In this episode, we dig into the topic of Mindfulness. Our minds are constantly flooded with thoughts and we discuss some helpful tools and tactics we use to calm the mind. Practicing mindfulness may sound like an oxymoron for those of us with ADHD, but we assure you it’s NOT. With practice and sheer force of will, you can become skilled at a variety...

Ep 10 – Time Management – Part 1

Jun 27 • 28:28

Episode 10 Time Management – Part 1

Well, it happens to the best of us… we mess up, we are late, we forget. This happened to us recently. We get real about time management struggles and what we are doing to help (sometimes successfully and other times less successfully). If you have a difficult time with time management then this episode might give you to additional tips, s...

Ep 11 – Time Management – Part 2

Jun 15 • 38:18

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