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A podcast about the bigger picture. The Slowdown's co-founders, Spencer Bailey and Andrew Zuckerman, call leading minds to get a whole-earth, long-view perspective.

Popular episodes

Wava Carpenter on Design as a Tool for Storytelling

Nov 29 • 28:29

Bernie Krause on Tuning in to Nature’s Soundscapes

Nov 22 • 38:19
Bioacoustician and musician Bernie Krause, author of the new book “The Power of Tranquility in a Very Noisy World,” talks with us about quieting the mind by listening to nature, what he learned after losing his home and studio in a 2017 California wildfire, and his recordings of more than 100 species in their natural habitats for “The Great Animal Orchestra,” an immersive ...

Kai-Fu Lee on How A.I. Could Make Us Better Humans

Nov 8 • 26:34

Jordan Ellenberg on Looking at the World Through the Lens of Geometry

Nov 1 • 40:25

Emilien Crespo on the Beauty of Embracing the Unexpected

Oct 25 • 53:14

Raj Patel on the Societal Stressors Making Us Sick

Oct 18 • 44:50
Activist, journalist, and academic Raj Patel, co-author of the new book “Inflamed: Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice,” discusses why corporations encourage people to make changes within themselves rather than within society, the consequences of treating nature as a cheap and infinite resource, and how external anxieties, from payday loans to the stress of living i...

Penny Abeywardena on How Local Actions Can Have Global Impacts

Oct 11 • 37:57
Penny Abeywardena, New York City’s Commissioner for International Affairs, speaks with us about how the Trump era provided an opportunity for community leadership to harness its governing power, why an entrepreneurial spirit can aid in developing public policy, and how the city is navigating various pandemic-related issues, including vaccination requirements, keeping schoo...

Josh Berson on Moving Forward Together When Things Fall Apart

Oct 4 • 37:24
Anthropologist and historian Josh Berson, author of the new book “The Human Scaffold: How Not to Design Your Way Out of a Climate Crisis,” talks with us about why design thinking often fails to result in actual anthropological work, how reconsidering what it means to be comfortable can help us find environmental solutions, and the relationship between race, capitalism, and...

Devon Turnbull on His Endless Quest for Sonic Purity

Sep 27 • 48:53

Vanessa Barboni Hallik on Treating Clothing as an Asset

Sep 20 • 42:46

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