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Concussions and 'Race Norming' in the NFL

Nov 29 • 01:02:08
Almost a decade ago, the National Football League pushed through a scandal involving the effects of the sport of the brains of its athletes. After years of denials and obstruction, the NFL settled a lawsuit in 2013 to provide healthcare benefits to its former players to treat their cognitive issues. The problem? It turns out the league actively used racist medical ideologi...

Podcasting, Creativity and Space Oddities w/ Jon Williams and Ben Robinson

Nov 22 • 01:06:57

Exploring the world of independent podcasts and harnessing your creativity with Jon Williams and Ben Robinson from the Geeksploration Podcast. A pair of talented and interesting people who have also turned their comic book ideas into a reality with their 'Space Oddities' comic book series, currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to fund and launch volume 2 of the...

Very Meta

Nov 15 • 37:24

Facebook changed its name to 'Meta', and then placed a bet on their future, and really, the future of the digital spaces that are a central part of our world now. So is this just a classic attempt to re-brand away from a bad reputation? And what is "The Metaverse" that the company is investing heavily into?
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Quitting Time

Nov 8 • 39:08

EP RELEASE DATE: Nov 8th 2021...

Assorted Goods Trailer

Nov 6 • 00:45

An Assorted Goods Update

Sep 27 • 14:40

Assorted Goods Classic #12: Bright Minds: with Dr. Nicole Tetreault

Jun 7 • 01:39:31

Originally Published June 7th 2021. 
There's a lot to know about the human brain, but what do we know about the inner-workings of gifted and Twice-Exceptional (2E) individuals?...

Assorted Goods Classic #11: The Dream Machine

Mar 8 • 01:01:16

Originally Published March 8th 2021. So many of us absolutely love to sleep, to catch some Z's as much as we can. But what do we know about why we spend a third of out lives out cold? What's really going on inside our bodies and brains while we're off in dreamland?...

Assorted Goods Classic #10: Hooked

Feb 3 • 01:05:46

Originally Published February 3rd 2021.
If you have a smartphone, odds are you've battled with the urge to constantly swipe, scroll, and tap, tap, tap your time away. We know that we've been lured into the never ending stream of content, messages and notifications, but what goes on in our heads when we're giving into the modern habit of cell-phone use?...

Assorted Goods Classic #9: Solving Procrastination with Dr. Joseph Ferrari

Jan 4 • 57:58

Originally Published January 4th 2021.
Almost everyone has moments where they can't get down to work on something important. And for some, procrastination creeps into every part of their lives. So with some serious help from Dr. Joseph Ferrari from DePaul University in Chicago, we're starting 2021 on the right foot by figuring out why we work against ourselves by avoiding g...

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