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Aspen Ideas to Go is a show about big ideas that will open your mind. Featuring compelling conversations with the world’s top thinkers and doers from a diverse range of disciplines, Aspen Ideas to Go gives you front-row access to the Aspen Ideas Festival and other events presented by the AspenRead more

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We're in a science moment. What will come out of it?

Nov 30 • 49:48

The Covid-19 vaccine was developed at an unusually rapid pace, and now the public's expectations are high for what science can deliver. It's a good thing we're in a science moment. Gobs of data are being produced, researchers are collaborating more, and the public is engaged. But is the pace of discovery keeping up with the science? Alison Snyder, managing editor at Axios,...

The Most Important Rule for a More Civil Thanksgiving: No Eye Rolling (Rebroadcast)

Nov 23 • 28:57

Current political fault lines are fracturing American society as people grow farther apart from one another due to differing beliefs and opinions. We often see people we disagree with as caricatures, and think we can never reconcile our differences. Yet despite that sense of contradiction we are much closer to each other than we think. To bridge the divide, we have to stre...

Mark Bittman on Reimagining America's Food System

Nov 18 • 44:14

Longtime food journalist Mark Bittman says America's food system needs to be reimagined so land is used fairly and well and people have access to food that promotes health, not illness. His latest book, Animal, Vegetable, Junk: A History of Food, from Sustainable to Suicidal, tells the story of humankind through the lens of food. The frenzy for food has driven human histor...

Why Our Partisan Differences Are Threatening National Security

Nov 9 • 45:39

It's clear the United States isn't united right now. A Pew Research poll done before the 2020 election showed about 9 in 10 voters worried a victory by the other party would lead to lasting harm for the country. Our partisan divides aren't just endangering relationships and slowing progress in Washington, they're threatening our national security. "The greatest gift the Un...

QUICK TAKE | We Need to Treat the Pandemic like a Global Security Threat | Gayle Smith

Nov 6 • 04:54

Quick Take is a weekly dose of ideas and insights delivered in short form....

Bad Things Do Happen to Good People

Nov 2 • 47:06

We try our whole lives to avoid pain and suffering and when it does show up, we try to solve it. In her new book, No Cure for Being Human, religious scholar Kate Bowler says we try to out-eat, out-learn, and out-perform our humanness. Truth is, bad things do happen to good people and if we're going to tell the truth, we need one another. As someone who lives with cancer, B...

QUICK TAKE | Rules Schmules | Adam Grant

Oct 29 • 06:32

Want to raise creative kids who learn how to think for themselves? Go easy on the rules. ...

Journalism's norms are changing. Here's why you should care.

Oct 26 • 59:33

Norms in newsrooms across the United States are being upended thanks to deep polarization, a racial reckoning, and the pandemic. Hallmark journalistic traits like neutrality and objectivity are being redefined. Eric Deggans, TV critic for NPR, says it's impossible to be objective, and journalists have long been advocates for the status quo. “We’ve seen newspapers apologize...

QUICK TAKE | How a Cosmic Perspective Could Unify Earthlings | Jill Tarter

Oct 22 • 05:26

Quick Take is a weekly dose of ideas and insights delivered in short form....

Will this Anti-Poverty Measure Stick?

Oct 19 • 34:48

When President Biden expanded the nation's Child Tax Credit in March, US Senator Michael Bennet applauded the move. Bennet, a democrat from Colorado, has been working to increase support for families since he introduced the American Family Act in Congress in 2017. Now he wants to make the Credit, which pays most American families $250 or $300/child each month, permanent. H...

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