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Katelin Holloway with Mikel Ellcessor

May 25 • 47:08

Katelin is passionate about helping founders build scalable, diverse, and inclusive cultures. First introduced to the notion of intentional cultural development at Pixar Animation Studios, she studied alongside some of the most brilliant creative business minds of this generation. From there, she spent a decade building teams as a senior executive at some of the internet’s...

Chris Ruder with Shane Mac

Dec 20 • 40:52

Spikeball CEO Chris Ruder is NOT the quick-hit, hockey stick growth guy. That said, Spikeball just crossed $100m in total revenue, so... In this episode of ask, Chris shares his thoughts about starting a business without risking it all. While building Spikeball, he kept his corporate job for over 5 years and we sit down to discuss the conversations with his wife and brothe...

Tina Essmaker With Mikel Ellcessor

Mar 12 • 27:54

David Marquet with Shane Mac (Part Two)

Feb 4 • 27:21

David Marquet with Shane Mac (Part One)

Jan 30 • 34:04

Nir Eyal with Shane Mac

Dec 12 • 45:34
"The number one cause of distraction is not what is happening outside of us, but in fact what happens inside of us. The root cause of most distraction is not the external triggers, it's the internal triggers. So, I don't care what life hack or guru does your tells you to do with how to hack back your time. Fundamentally, if we don't first and foremost figure out what we ar...

Chase Jarvis with Shane Mac

Sep 18 • 01:03:56
"What's ultimately at play here is the loudest voice, the strongest cultural narrative. That's where culture orients around risk or reward or safety. The hope that I have is that (people are) looking around for a little bit, pressing pause and saying, wait a minute. The things that used to be couched as safe are arguably now riskier than ever before. That's true for employ...

Tanya Khakbaz with Shane Mac

Jul 23 • 48:04

Ashley Wellington-Fahey with Shane Mac

Mar 10 • 01:27:37

Tammy McSimov with Shane Mac

Mar 5 • 44:54

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