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The Ashtanga Dispatch Yoga Podcast explores the 8-limbed path of yoga through conversations and interviews with individuals who inspire and support our practice - on and off a yoga mat. Whether you are new to the practice or someone who's been practicing by years, we hope you enjoy theseRead more

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Yoga Podcast Ep. 59 || Lara Land: Trauma Awareness Begins with Us

Nov 30 • 53:36
Lara Land is the founder of the non-profit, Three and a Half Acres Yoga, a partnership program that offers yoga, breathing and mindfulness practices to underserved communities. In addition, Lara trains yoga teachers in the area of trauma sensitivity -- a training that focuses primarily on a teacher's own self awareness.

Starting December 2nd and lasting the entire month, te...

Yoga Podcast Ep. 58 || Dr. Shyam Ranganathan: Yoga Philosophy + the Conundrum of Interpretation

Sep 20 • 01:22:16
In today's episode, Dr. Shyam Ranganathan explains the process of translating spiritual texts; how belief systems, both conscious and unconscious, can influence our interpretations; and why logic is better than experience in deciphering ethics.

Dr. Ranganathan is a trained scholar and researcher of philosophy and is author, editor and translator of numerous peer reviewed, ...

Yoga Philosophy with David Garrigues and Peg Mulqueen || YS 3.17: Why Words Matter

Jun 20 • 01:01:06
Join David Garrigues and me as we discuss Yoga Sūtra 3.17:

There is a natural confusion of words, meanings, and our own conceptual experience that arises when we superimpose one upon the other. But with perfect focus on distinguishing between the three, we learn the language of all beings.

Basically - words matter. As does our experience, use, and interpretation. Words like...

Yoga Podcast Ep. 57: Deepika Mehta || The Power of Hope

May 5 • 56:47
In today's episode, listen to Deepika Mehta speak to the power of hope and how it plays such an essential role in times of despair.

Especially as India suffers through a second wave of COVID. And why teachers from all over the world - including Deepika and us - are uniting this weekend (May 7th + 8th)to offer hope and help with a 24-hour online yoga marathon. Tickets are ...

On the Path -- with Ashtanga Dispatch

Apr 27 • 32:24
Welcome to On the Path – a new ‘talk as we walk’ podcast from Ashtanga Dispatch where we will take you outside on a new trail or with a new walking partner each month.

If you enjoy, go over to apple podcasts and subscribe:…3628?i=1000518924627

Like to listen on Spotify? You can find us here: https://open.spotify…Jd1T4gQBy-I_xCSgIWlQ

Today, you'll be w...

Yoga Podcast Ep. 56: Dan Nevins || Living Life to Its Fullest

Mar 28 • 01:43:15
In 2004, after an explosion in Iraq, Dan Nevins would ultimate lose both his legs. And in today's pod, Dan will not only tell you this story - but also about his life, before and after. Including how he was introduced to yoga which, as he will tell you, saved him during a particularly dark time. (Though to say he was a reluctant participant is an understatement!)

Besides be...

Yoga Podcast Ep. 55: Santina Giardina-Chard || Feeling Our Way Through

Mar 3 • 52:35
Visit for more interviews, articles, and our latest online classes and courses. Beginning this Saturday is Elements of a Home Practice - a 4-week immersion with Peg Mulqueen + Meghan Powell.

And now, on to today's episode with Santina Giardina-Chard ...

Santina is an Ashtanga yoga teacher, living on Australia's Gold Coast. Wildly impassioned and bla...

Yoga Podcast Ep. 54 || Dena Kingsberg

Nov 1 • 43:09
Today we welcome a very special guest - a woman we hold dear as teacher, mentor, and most especially friend - Dena Kingsberg.

Dena has been a devoted student of Ashtanga Yoga for over three decades. Her time spent as a practitioner is evident through her integrative and holistic teaching style. But her devotion and grace are never more apparent than when she closes her ey...

Yoga Podcast Ep. 53 || Mary Taylor + Richard Freeman

Oct 8 • 59:38
In today's episode, we sit down with Mary Taylor and Richard Freeman to talk about their new book, When Love Comes to Light: Bringing Wisdom from the Bhagavad Gita into Modern Life. https://www.shambhal…-to-light-15498.html

Never before has a book felt more timely or applicable. Because who among us doesn't feel like Arjuna right now - standing in the middle of a battlefiel...

Yoga Podcast Ep. 52 || The Yoga Mythbusters

Sep 22 • 40:07
Today's chat is with Mark Robberds, Oliver Crossley, and Scott White who together, formed the Yoga Myth Busters. Their hope is to educate and clarify some of those pesky myths that continue to circulate and persist. Like - are your hips always need to be squared? Is it true that anyone can do anything with just practice? And my favorite: No pain, no gain - true or false? L...

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