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Why Cash Does Matter with Ron Baker – 129

Dec 26 • 52:32

In this episode, Ron Baker and I continue with Part 2 of the What Matters series. If profit does not matter, then what should replace it? Cash planning and budgeting. This is a huge opportunity for accountants and consultants because you can equip your customer to make stronger business decisions. Will you seize it? About […]...

Why Profit Does Not Matter with Reginald Tomas Lee – 128

Dec 20 • 48:27

In this episode, Dr. Reginald Tomas Lee explains why cash and profit are not the same. Cash is the life blood of a business. It drives daily operational decisions. Profit, on the other hand, is a relative metric (not measurement), dependent on the cost formula chosen. Executives and managers need to understand the difference and […]...

The Business Model of Tomorrow with Ed Kless – 127

Dec 12 • 46:47

In this episode, Ed Kless and I tackle the myth that economic development has reached its peak through technology, especially artificial intelligence. We explore the theme through three books: Life After Google by George Gilder, Tomorrow 3.0 by Michael Munger, and Subscribed by Tien Tzuo. This episode was recorded live at Kellys in Allen, TX–one […]...

An Authentic After Action Review with Joe Woodard – 126

Dec 6 • 53:27

In this episode, Joe Woodard and I conduct an After Action Review on Scaling New Heights 2018. The conference was held in June 2018. This episode was recorded a couple of weeks later. Joe is very forthright about what went well, what did not, and what he learned for next time. About Joe Woodard Joe […]...

A Bookkeeper Learns to Price with Carrie Mulrooney – 125

Nov 29 • 37:58

In this episode, Carrie Mulrooney and I discuss her transition from hourly billing to value pricing. She met Ron Baker at an accounting conference in 2015, and shortly thereafter, joined his Black Swan program. Within a year, she had converted most of her bookkeeping practice to value pricing. About Carrie Mulrooney Carrie Mulrooney is the […]...

It Is Not About the Technology with Jody Padar – 124

Dec 11 • 58:51

In this episode, Jody Padar and I discuss the impact technology has had on the accounting industry. And ironically, we conclude it is not really about the technology. It is simply forcing the profession to move in the direction it is should go anyway. About Jody Padar Jody Padar is a CPA with 25 years […]...

Does Technology Replace or Liberate? with Jeff Kofman – 123

Nov 30 • 48:44

In this episode, Jeff Kofman and I discuss his journey from journalism to tech startup CEO. Jeff explains how he came up with the idea for, an AI (artificial intelligence) transcription service. He then shares insights into the pricing strategy for their SaaS (software as a service) product. About Jeff Kofman Jeff Kofman is […]...

Emotional Blind Spots Influence Your Pricing with Wes Higbee – 122

Nov 14 • 53:24

In this episode, Wes Higbee and I explore the impact that emotional blindspots can have on the success or failure of a software project. The first challenge is they are blind (unseen). The second is they are rooted in emotion (feelings). Wes explains how to overcome both challenges. About Wes Higbee Wes Higbee is the […]...

Using YouTube to Establish Authority with Hector Garcia – 121

Nov 7 • 58:15

In this episode, Hector Garcia and I discuss the impact creating videos for YouTube has had on his business. If you go to any popular accounting conference, Hector is probably speaking on marketing with YouTube. We explore why video, why YouTube, and the things he has learned through marketing with video. About Hector Garcia Hector […]...

The Impact of Technology on Value with Joe Woodard – 120

Nov 1 • 53:23

In this episode, Joe Woodard and I explore the impact technology has on the value you create for your customer. Joe explains why, although you cannot ignore technology, it is only a tool to achieve the desired outcome for your customer. Then, we explore the theme Rise of the Machines for Scaling New Heights 2017. […]...

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