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Aries – Stoner Astrological Horoscope

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Monthly Marijuana Astrology for the Stoner at Heart

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Aries Stoner Horoscope December

Nov 29 • 00:00

Countdown to blast off stoner Aries!  The final push to the new year will see cosmic waves of strength and energy propelling you forward toward your future you....

Aries Stoner Horoscope November

Oct 30 • 00:00

Stoner Aries, did you take advantage of the slow and balanced flow last month.  Did you break away from the stereotype of being a fierce, fast-moving fire sign; and instead float along the mellow moving cosmic waters?...

Aries Stoner Horoscope October

Sep 29 • 00:00

Stoner Aries the October time period will be enlightening, frustrating, and fantastic all in one balanced ball of celestial perfection....

Aries Stoner Horoscope September

Aug 29 • 00:00

Stoner Aries the cosmic influence of September doesn’t lean into your strong stoner traits.  Introspective contemplation is never your desired state of mind!  However, sometimes a little support in areas unfamiliar is the key to a progressive period....

Aries Stoner Horoscope August

Jul 29 • 00:00

Stoner Aries, you’ve been blazing hot and fast since the Summer season started.  So you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out if you decide to slow your roll, and coast into the cooler days of Fall. ...

Aries Stoner Horoscope July

Jun 29 • 00:00

Stoner Aries prepare for fireworks in July.  No, this explosive analogy is not tied to dramatics within the smoke circle; but instead, think of yourself as the streaking explosion of color across the night sky.  ...

Aries Stoner Horoscope June

May 30 • 00:00

Stoner Aries with summer in full swing, you are fired up, roaring and ready to blaze full speed ahead. You are the fun-loving spirit who will say yes to almost any invitation for adventure.  The one who is down to join your partners in chronic on all of their endo-excursions. But proceed with caution this month.  The goal is to make the most of the long days and good weath...

Aries Stoner Horoscope May

Apr 29 • 00:00

Get ready stoner Aries, you’re about to make things happen!  May will begin with self-reflection and the rebirth of your determination. What will result is a sense of accomplishment felt throughout the month. Be sure to schedule regular meditative smoke sessions with the sacred herb throughout the final Spring month.  Your cannabis prescription will favor the Sativa specie...

Aries Stoner Horoscope April

Mar 29 • 00:00

Stoner Aries April looks to be a tale of two strains, marked by the New Moon on the 11th.  It is months like this we are reminded of the bipolar nature of the two most popular cannabis species.  Most importantly, how we can use them to curate our own sacred terrestrial experience....

Aries Stoner Horoscope March

Feb 26 • 00:00

Happy early birthday stoner Aries! The universe will rain blessings of positivity in the first Spring month.  With a mindful third eye toward your sacred strain selections, an internal conversation with your inner voice, and a canna-collaborative attitude at work, progress and success are assured....

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