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The AR Show dives deep into the emerging world of Augmented Reality with a focus on the underlying technologies and uses of Smartglasses, and the people behind them. I talk with entrepreneurs, executives, investors and early adopters to extract insights that will both inform and inspire you. InRead more

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Alon Grinshpoon (echo3D) on Building the AWS for 3D and Founder-Market Fit

Nov 23 • 52:11

Alon Grinshpoon is the Co-founder and CEO of echo3D, a 3D-ready cloud platform that helps manage & deliver 3D, AR, and VR content to apps & devices everywhere. echo3D recently closed a $4M round of funding to feed continued growth after seeing a tremendous amount of momentum over the past year....

Jay Wright (Campfire 3D) on Innovating Ahead of the Curve and the Future of Workplace Collaboration

Nov 3 • 59:59

Jay Wright is the founder and CEO of Campfire 3D, a company that is focused on holographic collaboration for design and engineering workflows. ...

Guido Groet (Luxexcel) on Solving Prescription for Fashionable AR Smartglasses

Oct 19 • 01:02:27

Guido Groet is the Chief Strategy Officer of Luxexcel, a company that’s able to 3D print optical-quality lenses for smart eyewear. ...

Paul Powers (Physna) Teaching Computers to Understand 3D and Innovating at the Speed of Imagination

Oct 5 • 01:04:50

Paul Powers, the founder and CEO of Physna. You may have caught Physna in the news recently because they’ve raised $76M over the last year, including $56M earlier this summer from Tiger Global, Sequoia and others. ...

Susan Cummings (Tiny Rebel) on AR-First Storytelling and City-Scale Games with Wallace and Gromit

Sep 21 • 57:04

Susan Cummings is the Managing Director of Tiny Rebel Games and a founder of Fictioneers. Susan and her team were awarded a major UK grant for Augmented Reality storytelling, which led to "Wallace & Gromit: The Big Fix Up." This effort was followed by the release this summer of "Wallace & Gromit: Fix Up the City", an ambitious city-scale AR game that takes place in San Fra...

Kris Kolo (VRARA) on Mapping, Positioning, and Insights from the VR/AR Association

Sep 7 • 53:26

Kris Kolo is the Global Executive Director of the VR/AR Association, an international organization designed to foster growth, knowledge, and connections between its members....

Replay: Cory Grenier (Geenee) on Getting Heard at Vergence Labs, Snap Spectacles, and now Geenee

Aug 24 • 01:15:39

Cory Grenier is the CEO of Geenee, a company on a mission to make the physical world around us easily recognizable to computers using mobile, browser-based technology. They combine image and video recognition, WebAR, and creative services to deliver unique value to brands....

Replay: Steve Sinclair (Mojo Vision) on AR Contact Lenses and Lessons from Handspring, Palm, & Apple’s iPhone

Aug 10 • 01:19:17

Steve Sinclair is the SVP of product at Mojo Vision, a company enabling invisible computing with their AR contact lenses....

Replay: Jeri Ellsworth (Tilt Five) on Resiliency and the Path to Compelling AR Smartglasses

Jul 27 • 02:10:10

Jeri Ellsworth is the co-founder and CEO of Tilt Five, a company that has created AR glasses that bring tabletop games to life. The Tilt Five system enables you to see, hear, and interact with realistic 3D holograms that entertain and educate....

Replay: Matt Miesnieks on a Postmortem and Startup CEO Masterclass

Jul 13 • 01:36:42

Many of you know Matt Miesnieks as a serial entrepreneur and former investor focused on Augmented Reality. Matt was most recently the CEO and co-founder of, a company building tools to help mobile phones understand the real world and enable compelling AR experiences.

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