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The AR Show dives deep into the emerging world of Augmented Reality with a focus on the underlying technologies and uses of Smartglasses, and the people behind them. I talk with entrepreneurs, executives, investors and early adopters to extract insights that will both inform and inspire you. InRead more

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Replay: Jeri Ellsworth (Tilt Five) on Resiliency and the Path to Compelling AR Smartglasses

Jul 27 • 02:10:10

Jeri Ellsworth is the co-founder and CEO of Tilt Five, a company that has created AR glasses that bring tabletop games to life. The Tilt Five system enables you to see, hear, and interact with realistic 3D holograms that entertain and educate....

John Black and Mina Fahim (MediView) on Giving Surgeons X-Ray Vision in the Operating Room

Jun 29 • 01:13:45

John Black and Mina Fahim are the CEO and CTO of MediView, a company working to give health practitioners “X-ray vision” in order to simplify minimally invasive procedures, enhance clinical workflow, and improve patient outcomes using Augmented Reality....

Mark Greget (NuEyes) on Bootstrapping an AR Hardware Startup and the Path to the Pro 3 Glasses

Jun 15 • 01:05:34

Mark Greget is the founder & CEO of NuEyes, an AR hardware and software company that originally launched in 2016 to assist those with degenerative eye conditions. Recently the company has expanded its product offerings into enterprise, gaming, and entertainment with the launch of the Pro 3 and Pro 3e....

Sly Lee (Emerge) on the Importance of Touch to Immersive Presence

Jun 1 • 01:13:18

Sly Lee is the co-founder & CEO of Emerge, a cross-reality presence company, building a platform that aims to enable more meaningful, engaging, and diverse interactions in XR that bring us closer to the people we care about through touch and emotion....

Amy LaMeyer (WXR Fund) on Investment Focus and Closing the Gender Gap in Venture Funding

May 18 • 55:48

Amy LaMeyer. Amy is the managing partner of WXR Fund, where she invests in early stage spatial computing and artificial intelligence companies with female leadership. ...

Japjit Tulsi (Matterport) on 3D Digital Twins and Building Strong Engineering Teams

May 4 • 01:06:05

Japjit Tulsi is the CTO at Matterport, a company building a set of technologies to accelerate and simplify the creation of immersive 3D digital twins for real estate, project planning, hospitality, insurance, and more....

Kirin Sinha (Illumix) on Crafting Compelling Content & Experiences for AR

Apr 20 • 56:42

Kirin Sinha is the co-founder and CEO of Illumix, a company building an AR-first mobile gaming platform. You may be familiar with Illumix if you’re a fan of the horror franchise, Five Nights at Freddy’s. The Illumix team has already found a lot of success with their first title, Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery....

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