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A relaxed coffee always brings an insightful conversation. And when it comes to mobile app performance, coffee is always a useful tool. Join us at the App Performance Café, where Rui Costa, CEO at Codavel, brings the most knowledgable individuals for an informal conversation around the vast worldRead more

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Café with Mark Finkle from Tumblr, on real-user monitoring, optimal performance standards, and lite versions

Jul 9 • 47:44

This week we had the pleasure of having Mark Finkle from Tumblr with us, sharing his holistic view on performance approach, and the relevance of framing it from a UX standpoint. That’s why real-user monitoring (RUM) is fundamental to understand what users are experiencing....

Café with Yang from Facebook, on HTTP3 and QUIC

Jul 1 • 38:35

It was a true pleasure to have Yang Chi from Facebook with us, sharing his thoughts on the relationship between performance and user engagement, and why it is crucial to have visibility over the performance users are getting. Yang will then take us deeper into HTTP3 and QUIC, its potential benefits and tradeoffs. Yang also shares some interesting results observed during th...

Café with Hendro from Bukalapak, on super apps and their performance

Jun 25 • 33:41

Our guest for today is Hendro Riyadi from Bukalapak, sharing his view on the biggest challenges faced when “super apps” came into play. Network conditions, user expectations, and concerns are different in Indonesia when compared to the West. Hendro shares the lessons learned when building and managing complex applications in such a challenging setup. Stay with us to hear a...

Café with Manuel from Farfetch, on performance budgets and metrics

Jun 18 • 42:33

Today we have the pleasure of receiving Manuel Garcia from Farfetch, sharing his view on performance metrics and the complex choices behind them. Manuel then introduces us to the concept of performance budgets, a key tool to prevent performance regressions, concluding with why performance should be seen as a feature and why it must be a shared responsibility across the ent...

Café with Sailesh from Western Digital, on why every component matters for performance

Jun 11 • 35:05

This week we have the pleasure of having as our guest Sailesh Rachabathuni from Western Digital, sharing with us his holistic view on performance and why every component is relevant, from backend optimization to screen rendering. We will then focus on the instability of wireless networks and on why you should not program assuming optimal network conditions, to conclude on ...

Café with Prasanna from LinkedIn, on personalized app performance

Jun 4 • 28:02

This week we have the pleasure of having as our guest Prasanna Vijayanathan from Linkedin, sharing his view on what he sees application performance for each individual user across the world. Prasanna will then take us into the interesting concepts of personalized performance and network quality as a service, to ensure that every user gets the best experience possible. ...

Café with Nolan from Twitter, on the psychology around performance

May 25 • 41:47

Today we’re lucky to have Nolan O’Brien from Twitter with us, sharing his view on mobile app performance. Starting with why should we care about performance and the psychology behind user perception, the conversation goes from managing global user bases with such diversity of expectations, to measuring and ensuring ways to handle user frustration.

Nolan's Twitter: https://t...

Prologue with our host, Rui Costa

May 25 • 01:42

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