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Supplementing your high school history class with something slightly sillier

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US History Episode 17: The Early Cold War or, “McArthur, McCarthy and Ike”

Jul 6 • 49:19

Has it been 6 months since my last episode? Sure. Does it cause me anxiety that I left my listeners on a cliffhanger of a communist threat for half a year? You betcha. But during my hiatus I was really productive dragging my way through the end of a terrible school year and building a terrifying TikTok following. ...

Emily Learns About Monty Python and the Myth of the Medieval Church with John Moscatiello

Feb 16 • 15:14

Emily is joined by medieval historian (and founder of Marco Learning) John Moscatiello as they discuss (and sometimes debunk) the role of the Christian Church in the Middle Ages. Topics include land grabs, the Crusades, and the Black Death....

Emily Learns About Monty Python and the Myth of Medieval Justice with John Moscatiello

Feb 16 • 11:21

Emily Learns About Monty Python and the Myth of the “Dark Ages” with John Moscatiello

Feb 2 • 15:02

Emily talks to an actual medieval historian (John Moscatiello, Founder of Marco Learning) about her favorite movie of all time: Monty Python and the Holy Grail. ...

US History Ep. 16: The Postwar World or, “Boom, Baby!”

Jan 27 • 40:56

I know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting the conclusion of this narrative that literally no one else has ever told in history. How does World War II end? Does Hitler create a Reich to last a thousand years? Am I actually speaking Japanese right now?!...

Emily Learns About… Emma Goldman (part 3) with Rudy Ramirez!

Jan 13 • 14:58

Emily Learns About… Emma Goldman (part 2) with Rudy Ramirez!

Jan 8 • 24:28

Emily Learns About… Emma Goldman (part 1) with Rudy Ramirez!

Jan 4 • 16:46

US History Ep. 15: WWII or, “Tom Hanks’ War”

Oct 6 • 37:40

OK. Buckle your seatbelts. We’ve made it to the only event in American history that really matters… WORLD! WAR! TWO!...

Emily Learns About… Emmett Till and John Lewis with Cathy Cluck!

Sep 19 • 57:20

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