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If you're looking for another over-scripted and edited podcast, this is not it. But if you want to listen to honest and unfiltered discussions about the latest in tech and its impact on society, welcome, you have come to the right place. This is Another Podcast where two friends and colleaguesRead more

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What we know about web 3 so far

Nov 15 • 41:34

How to think about tech

Nov 8 • 36:57

The Meta reality

Nov 2 • 40:39

There are two strands to this story: the second phase of Facebook which is the Metaverse (which we previously spoke about on the podcast) and Facebook actually changing its name to Meta. If and when you decide to create a new brand because the existing brand comes with a lot of baggage, a marketing person would probably suggest you fix the problems first, and then decide h...

Metaverse - beyond the buzzword

Oct 18 • 39:46

‘Metaverse’ is the buzzword of the moment, yet it doesn’t really exist as more than a label on a whiteboard, and many of the ideas it tries to combine might not happen, or not like that. This might be the new ‘information highway.’ But however it works, some kind of break-out of new devices, new experiences and new kinds of popular culture seems pretty easy to believe in....

Regulation - Who will notice?

Sep 28 • 35:56

Apple's metronome

Sep 20 • 39:34

Games and Roblox

Aug 26 • 35:42

Telcos and Tesla

Aug 15 • 40:07

Creativity and Optimism

Jul 13 • 51:48

'Digital transformation' - beyond the silly slogan

Jul 5 • 43:23

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