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We have one mission: To make your anime addiction worse! We're a podcast for all anime addicts out there! Those who love anime, manga, cosplay, conventions, and just about everything else that has to do with the world of Japanese Animation can find everything they need to remain hopelesslyRead more

Popular episodes

AAA 604: Cowboy Bebop Live Action

Dec 2 • 01:53:00
The Anime Addicts review the much anticipated live action of the classic hit anime Cowboy Bebop!

We also review the anime Night Head 2041.

Time Markers:
-Intro(s): 0:00
-Big News of the Week: 5:45
-Main Topic: Cowboy Bebop Live Action: 13:30
-Trivia/News Break: 1:05:00
-Mailbags: 1:13:45
-Review: Night Head 2041: 1:19:30

AAA 603: The Anime Dating Game Returns

Nov 25 • 01:57:45
Pancake joins the show for the return of the Anime Dating Game! Hear our lovely contestants battle it out for supremacy.

We also review the anime Re Main!

Time Markers:
-Intro(s): 0:00
-Big News of the Week: 10:00
-Main Topic: The Anime Dating Game: 21:20
-Trivia/News Break: 57:50
-Unexplored Picture: 1:05:15
-Mailbags: 1:1...

AAA 602: Best and Worst of a Genre

Nov 19 • 02:08:24
The Anime Addicts, sans Mits, come together to discuss the best and worst anime in each individual genre! Enjoy and take some notes!

And it's finally time to start with the Summer 2021 reviews! We review Kageki Shoujo!

Time Markers:
-Intro(s): 0:00
-Big News of the Week: 6:45
-Main Topic: Best and Worst of a Genre: 20:30

AAA 600: What We (And You) Love About Anime

Nov 9 • 02:16:14
The Anime Addicts have a very special episode. Our 600th Episode where we discuss what we love about anime. What other surprises will be in store?!

We also wrap up our Fall 2021 Impressions with:

--Ganbare, Douki-chan
--The Faraway Paladin
--Blue Period
--Deep Insanity: The Lost Child
--Komi Can’t Communicate
--Jobless Reincarnation


AAA 601: Halloween Nipples Are Scary

Nov 3 • 01:52:48
The Anime Addicts discus some spooky anime topics for the Hallowen season! Caroline forces Mason and Mits to battle in Caroline's Anime Game Corner, and we also tackle a big chunk of the anime impressions from Fall 2021, including:

---Ousama Ranking
---Lupin III - Part VI
---Takt OP
---Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi
---Shin no Nakama ja Nai to Yuusha no Party wo Oidasareta n...

AAA 599: Major Anime Sequel Roundtable

Oct 29 • 01:49:33
The Anime Addicts discuss some of the most anticipated upcoming anime sequels including Kaguya-sama, Goblin Slayer, Shield Hero, Attack on Titan and more!

We also tackle a big chunk of the anime impressions from Fall 2021, including:

--Pride of Orange
--World’s End Harem
--Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut
--The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window
--The World's Finest Assassin...

AAA 598: Fall 2021 Impressions Begin!

Oct 22 • 01:51:57
The Anime Addicts discuss what anime we have been watching lately.

Then, we play Does Mitsugi's Mom Know! And finally, we begin the impressions of anime from Fall 2021.
Time Markers:
-Big News of the Week: 7:30
-Main Topic: What Have We Been Watching: 23:00
-News Break: 56:30
-Does Mitsugis Mom Know?: 1:03:00
-Mailbags: 1:17:00

AAA 597: Light Novel Title Attack

Oct 15 • 01:47:28
Isekai anime based on light novels have some of the longest titles in anime. Therefore, the Anime Addicts discuss what some popular a1nime titles would be if they were light novel Isekai series

We also do a review on the very popular anime title, Tokyo Revengers
Time Markers:
-Big News of the Week: 5:00
-Main Topic: Ligh...

AAA 596: Review Retrospective

Oct 8 • 01:56:54
The Anime Addicts do a review retrospective. Commenting on reviews from the podcasts history that current hosts never were able to comment on.

We also do a review on the fantastic Odd Taxi.
Time Markers:
-Big News of the Week: 5:30
-Main Topic: Review Retrospective: 22:00
-News Break: 57:00
-Living Big in Japan: 1:04:00

AAA 595: Fall 2021 Selections!

Sep 30 • 01:53:17
The Anime Addicts revealing their selections from the Fall 2021 Anime Season! What will be the most anticipated series of them all?!

Also a review of the KyoAni ecchi comedy, Miss Kobayshi's Dragon Maid S.
Time Markers:
-Big News of the Week: 5:30
-Main Topic: Fall 2021 Selections: 18:00
-News Break: 1:03:50
-Hot, New An...

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