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Angelneers: Insights From Startup Builders

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This podcast is brought to you by Angelneers, a community of startup builders. Listen to seasoned founders, operators, and technologists sharing their learnings and insights about how to make better decisions around product, engineering, and growth. To learn more about Angelneers look us up on ourRead more

Popular episodes

UpCodes: The Spellcheck For Buildings with Scott Reynolds

Nov 19 • 53:50

Construction is a massive complex $1.3 trillion industry in the United States. As one of the least digitized sectors of our economy, construction is ripe for technology disruption. Upcodes is a construction tech startup that develops building-code compliance tools to help the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry deliver code-compliant buildings. We sat...

Polytomic: Syncing Internal Data To Business Systems with Ghalib Suleiman

Nov 5 • 44:15

Polytomic makes internal data accessible to business teams. Data within companies is fragmented. Sales, Marketing, Support, Finance, and Operations teams spend enormous amounts of time repeatedly hunting for data that lives outside of their home systems. Polytomic reduces this time to zero....

Tribe: Building Successful Online Communities with Siavash Mahmoudian

Oct 28 • 56:17

Our guest of this episode is Siavash Mahmoudian, a co-founder and CEO of Tribe, a platform to build online communities based on a collection of social media best practices. Tribe is popular for its ability to deeply integrate into products and websites via a suite of customizable widgets and comprehensive API. Today we are talking with Siavash about what it takes to build ...

Simplified: Automating Content Creation Process with KD Deshpande

Sep 30 • 46:38

KD Deshpande is a co-founder and CEO of Simplified, the all-in-one design platform where freelancers, entrepreneurs and teams can collaborate, scale, and grow their content. KD is an entrepreneurial product leader who founded two SaaS companies, built teams & products from the ground up, raised venture capital, and successfully sold the business through an M&A exit. In thi...

A Crash Course In Customer Development with Jeff Solomon

Sep 10 • 52:52

Jeff Solomon is a 6x founder with 3 exits, most notably selling his SaaS CRM company in Los Angeles (with 100+ investments across 5 funds). For the last 6 years he's been teaching high school entrepreneurship and is one of the top advisors on In this episode, we are talking with Jeff about the art of customer development....

Phylum: The Future of Software Supply Chain Security with Aaron Bray

Sep 3 • 41:17

Today’s malicious actors are more sophisticated than ever. First-gen products only identify software vulnerabilities and license issues. Technology has evolved beyond Software Composition Analysis. It requires a new breed of defense....

CEO Quest: Designing The Fit Systems Enterprise with Tom Mohr

Aug 27 • 01:00:26

Tom Mohr is the founder and CEO of CEO Quest, a Silicon Valley-headquartered forum for CEOs of venture-backed technology companies. Tom is the author of 5 books about startups including "In The Loop" which is centered on building the digital enterprise. We sat down with Tom to talk about fit systems for various stages of enterprise and the new leadership paradigm that make...

Echopixel: The Operating Room of the Future with Sergio Aguirre

Aug 13 • 52:21

Our guest today is Sergio Aguirre, founder and CEO of Echopixel, a software platform that enables physicians to use a digital twin of a patient using standard medical images to create a 4D interactive hologram. In this episode, we sat down with Sergio to talk about developing technology that transforms the delivery of patient care and enables precision health....

Flume Health: Bringing Transparency to the Healthcare Coverage

Jul 30 • 46:44

Edify: The Frictionless Way to Onboard Engineers with Kristen Buchanan

Jul 16 • 45:50

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