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Murder and the paranormal finally meet! Grab your wine and milkshakes and join us every Sunday for some chilling ghost stories and downright terrifying true crime stories. The world's a scary place. And that's why we drink!

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E233 Cryptid Smut and a Boy Boss Summer

Jul 25 • 01:48:48

Welcome to episode 233! Come slap thumbs with us as Em covers the faceless, featureless Dover Demon, who might be an alien, might be a monkey, but either way most definitely uses his long toes to hold up his big melon head. Meanwhile, Christine covers New Jersey’s Colts Neck Mansion killings, a new and unfolding case of familicide with more questions than answers. And don’...

E232 Paranormal Anxiety and a Seat in the Barking Room

Jul 18 • 02:12:07

How did ghosts handle the pandemic? We tackle this tough topic and more in episode 232 as Em takes us to the Sorrel-Weed House and shares some super terrifying paranormal audio and pics. Then Christine covers the mysterious case of the disappearance of Charle's Allen, Jr. also known as Neo Babson Maximus. We also deconstruct the curse Em may or may not have on their sweats...

BONUS: In Conversation with Hannah Smith of The Opportunist

Jul 13 • 21:16

Surprise! We have a fun bonus mini crossover episode for you today! We chatted with Hannah Smith of The Opportunist podcast, one of our favorites for mystery and intrigue. Tune in as Hannah shares with us a very strong candidate for our infamous phrase "pillar to killer" aka Robert Courtney, a pharmacist who scammed millions by diluting chemotherapy medications. He's also ...

E231 A Royal Jalapeño Crib and the Worst Quilt Ever Ever Quilted

Jul 11 • 02:04:31

Welcome to episode 231 where we share Something Corporate facts... we mean new, wild paranormal and true crime stories! This week Em covers a haunted lady in different color attire than the usual white or gray, the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall. Then Christine covers the extremely disturbing murder of 12 year-old Shanda Sharer by Indiana teens. We may also have quite a length...

E230 A Cauldron of Mac and Cheese and Sugar Free Gummy Bear Consumption

Jul 4 • 01:41:11

Let it be known that a man had the audacity for the millionth time and it was only the 1500s... Welcome to episode 230 for something old and something new! First Em covers the Wise Wife of Keith aka Agnes Sampson, an accused witch and healer in North Berwick, Scotland during their infamous witch trials. Then Christine covers the extremely recent kidnapping of Jayme Closs a...

Listener Stories: Vol. 57

Jul 1 • 01:12:06

Hey ghosty pop, we simply can't do this right now! Join us for another rousing set of truly cursed stories sent in by you all. This month we hear from listeners about their haunted hospital elevators, potentially possessed children and absolutely demonic tiny black shoes. We also pitch the new sitcom: Two and a Half Ghosts... and that's why we drink! 

Please consider suppor...

E229 Team Aliens and the Opposite of a Jolly Rancher

Jun 27 • 01:39:13

If there are no flying saucers, then why are you at my house, weirdo?? ...is what we would say to the Men in Black should they come a knockin'. But don't tell them that, because we really don't want to see them in the first place. Welcome to episode 229! Em takes us down under for the Westall UFO sightings at a school in Australia that lands some kids in detention and othe...

E228 Goat Cheese Marshmallows and Bougie Gators

Jun 20 • 01:35:53

This week we're here to party, y'all! Specifically with the incredible ladies from Sinisterhood! We're so grateful and excited to have Heather and Christie on this week (and to have been on an episode of theirs - check out Sinistershood, episode 142). To wow our guests, Em covers the ankle horney ghosts of the St. Augustine Old Jail and Christine takes us to Houston for th...

E227 The Ghouls Next Door and the Criminal Pickle Barrel

Jun 13 • 01:41:18

What's your go-to ghost move? Ours is just draining everybody dry of their food and drink... Welcome to episode 227, where Em takes us all the way back to, first 2019 and then to year 5, for a good old fashion western saloon haunting, Miss Molly's Hotel in Dallas. Then Christine covers the heartbreaking and creepy disappearance of Kayla Berg. We also cover bladder anxiety,...

E226 Poisonous Sharks and the Patchsquatch

Jun 6 • 02:04:56

It's that time of year again... it's our birthdays episode!! And we've come to realize that we are the poisonous sharks that lie in your 30s. Please drink some wine and eat a steak on our behalf. In honor of our twin flames, Em covers a part cryptid, part demon goat creature that's suspiciously similar to Christine, known commonly as America's Hircine Shifter. Then Christi...

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