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Murder and the paranormal finally meet! Grab your wine and milkshakes and join us every Sunday for some chilling ghost stories and downright terrifying true crime stories. The world's a scary place. And that's why we drink!

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Listener Stories: Vol. 62

Dec 1 • 01:10:13

Christmastime is here! Join Em wrapped in Christmas lights and Allison for some spiked hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps and wilted whipped cream! We cover all things holiday from haunted snow globes to potentially sitting on the lap of a murderous mall Santa. We also have one of five of Em's menches on benches and some funky fresh ice cubes... and that's why we drink! ...

E251 Mercury in the Microwave and a Ghost's Attic Speakeasy

Nov 28 • 02:24:01

It's episode 251 and we've got our carb enhancing oil ready! Em starts the first in their two part series on the hauntings of the Glen Tavern Inn of Santa Paula, California. Then Eva takes us to a wealthy suburb of Sacramento for the wildly traumatic case of Susan Hamlin and a fabricated satanic cult. Also, be sure to take your mad scientist themed Halloween light switch c...

E250 An Engineer of Good Times and Witches on Speed Dial

Nov 21 • 02:12:34

This week we're going rogue to robe and hosting bread candle seances, folks! It's Eva's second episode and we're talking paranormal, true crime and AAAHH!!! Real Monsters as humans. First Em pays homage to our 250th episode with a little numerology, then tells the oldest ghost tale they could find aka the Glenluce Devil. Then Eva covers the wild case of the Pillow Pyro. An...

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E249 The Devil's Timeshare and Sleepwalking Mouths

Nov 14 • 02:37:45

Welcome, Leona! It's Christine's parental leave, so we're inviting people close to her on the show to guest host until she's back. This week we welcome Inspector Gross... we mean Eva! Em covers the Haunting of Elizabeth Knapp, a wild tale of potential possession and witchcraft only 20 years before the Salem Witch Trials. Then Eva decides to extend Halloween with the Trick ...

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E248 Paranormal Preschool Gossip and June's Podcast Calendar Models

Nov 7 • 02:18:49

Does labor feel like being shot in the stomach? Tune in to Christine's last episode before Leona's arrival!! Em finishes their series on the Perron Family of the real life events behind the Conjuring movie. Then, big trigger warning, because Christine covers a German serial killer so gruesome we're not really sure what to do with ourselves, so Em tries to take the slightes...

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Listener Stories: Vol. 61

Nov 1 • 01:07:10

Happy November! We're kicking off Christine's maternity leave with our first special guest host: Allison! This month Em and Allison read your creepy stories together and rehash the last time they were on the podcast together for an iconic flirt session Christine had to edit down. Tune in for a sweet and spooky Día de los Muertos story, a phone call murder confession and a ...

E247 Roach Milk and Em-raphobia

Oct 31 • 01:47:42

Happy Halloween! What a special, spooky occasion that Halloween would fall on the actual day of an episode release. Christine is still with child in our worked-ahead world and she's beside herself at Em's bonnet... tune in to see our costumes and hear all our Halloween trivia (vegan candy corn, anyone?)! Plus Em starts a wildly scary two-parter on the Perron Family aka the...

E246 A Wall of Lava Lamps and Christine the Cackle Burger Witch

Oct 24 • 01:16:47

Please don't give us salads this week, because Christine is taking us to Burger Chef! But first, Em covers a haunting so wild it's known as the Amityville of Scotland, the Hellfire Farm Haunting. Then Christine covers the brutal and frustrating unsolved case of the Burger Chef Murders, which also happens to include some wild fast food mascots (check our Instagram). And if ...

E245 Napkin Hating Ghosts and an Immortal Pregnancy Portal

Oct 17 • 01:40:03

Our napkins are on the floor and our wigs are being ripped off by ghosts this week... episode 245 is a doozy! Em takes us to Scotland for the Ringcroft Poltergeist that not only includes some haunted napkins and wigs but also flying chairs. Then Christine covers the wildly sad and brutal case of Moses Sithole aka the South African Strangler. And we hope this week you heed ...

E244 A Demonic Cricut Cutter and Mercury's Mindflight

Oct 10 • 01:58:06

It's here! The reunion episode we alluded to on Instagram! We're back together in person for episode 244 to try to make Christine's water break through surprise cryptid baby showers. We may or may not have disturbed every ghost in Christine's home so buckle in for this wild ride. This week Em relives their Denver ghost tour to tell the story of the Peabody-Whitehead Mansio...

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