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Watch us on You Tube: Guiliani (played by Mark Dreskin) has an elaborate plot to exonerate his client, the president of the United States and you can be a part of it. It's like Dora the Explorer but with Russian cut-outs and cunningRead more

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AmeriCast Season 2 Premiere: AmeriCast in space

Dec 1 • 27:33

Special bonus episode this week

Is funding comes up for a vote in the Senate. One of our show regulars waxes rhapsodic about his favorite retro video game Astroids.

Special show note: the puppet characters would like to be referred to by parody names moving forward, like Fred Flintstone would call Cary Grant the name Cary Granite play there is an issue of on line harassment....

AmeriCast is getting a little carried away

Nov 23 • 28:19

AmeriCast buys a clue

Nov 9 • 31:19

This week Rudy heads to Great Britain to ask Boris Johnson about the corruption crises and new protest restrictions in England. 
We visit with Amy Klobuchar about the passing of the infrastructure bill. 
And Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are here to cover the Virginia governors race and some recently contentious congressional hearings. 
Join in!

Ted Cruz in Don't Stop me Now

AmeriCast might be on to something

Oct 25 • 23:44

Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie, Manchin and Sinema are back with the latest on the filibuster, infrastructure and voting legislation. 
Mitch McConnell drops by to talk about the “fiscal cliff” negotiations. 
Alex Jones stops by Red Table Talk to get into his recent loss in court. 
And Boris Johnson gives us another update on politics in the United Kingdom. 

Close to t...

AmeriCast and the Chocolate Factory

Oct 5 • 28:56

It’s Shruti’s show this week. Special guest Mristen Sinema is here. 
We also talk to Tim Ryan about the Biden infrastructure bill in the house. 
Bernie Sanders, Joe Manchin and Elizabeth Warren drop by to talk about the struggle in the news. 
Paul Gosar, and Rudy sing about the Arizona post hoc recount. 
Also a few words from Labour Undersecretary Angela Raynor as part of our ...

Steve Bannon's Favorite Mistake

Sep 21 • 37:45

Bernie and the gang plus Amy Klobuchar cover the expedition by Steve Bannon and his supporters to Brazil to support President Bolsinaro at a Brazilian MAGA-like rally.
Amy Coney Barrett gives a speech about judicial independence with Senate Minority Leader McConnell.
We hear from Rudy and Chris Christie about their latest public comments.
And Joe Biden welcomes Adam Kinzinger...

We’re back Wednesday

Sep 20 • 00:26

AmeriCast's Winter of Discontent

Sep 8 • 34:30

Bernie steppes in as co-host this week. 
As the kids in the MAGA-verse (Marjorie Greene and Matt Gaetz) continue their rally tour, Bernie remembers his summer rallies and thinks of hitting the road again. 
He takes us to Congress where showdowns loom over everything from the infrastructure package to voting and now with the Texas abortion laws going into effect, issues relat...

AmeriCast goes to the Adirondack for the summer

Aug 22 • 35:12

Trudy and this weeks co-host Keanu Reaves spend a few minutes in the studio before going to remote in Miami where Trudy covers the Governor's press conference, featuring Ron DeSantis, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
Then Amy Klobuchar, Mitch McConnell Catherine Cortez-Masto negotiate infrastructure and reconciliation out at their summer house.
With an opening among Donald Trump...

AmeriCast is swinging for the fences again

Aug 9 • 31:43

Rudy has his own mea culpa of sorts before reminding that his enemies will be sorrier than he will and bringing ion legal eagles Alan Dershowitz and Bill Barr to look at his legal situation.
Then we garb a few minutes with Dr. Fauci and Marco Rubio at a vaccine fair in Washingt6on.
We hear from Mitch McConnell and his struggles with low vaccination rates in his state.
Then El...

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