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Ambition Today, Startup Stories with Kevin Siskar


Ambition Today is a podcast about entrepreneurs, creators, investors, and builders who ambitiously changed the world. Each episode explores the hardships and heroism of everyday life to reveal the key moments which leave behind a lasting legacy. Creating value in the world is hard, but you are notRead more

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Scott Wayman's Plan for Kangarootime to Support the $648 Billion Care Economy

Oct 5 • 56:51

Scott Wayman's shares his epically inspiring founder story. His passion for Kangarootime is next level and the company is currently focused on winning the childcare management software space for daycares and preschools. With plans to expand to the larger “care economy” which includes not only early education & childcare but also elder & senior care. A $648B TAM in the U.S....

Creating Data-Driven Sales Leaders With Peter Kazanjy

Nov 13 • 47:14

Pete Kazanjy is Ambition Today’s new guest from Southern California. He is sitting in San Francisco, CA right now as we speak, enjoying Alamo Square....

Jack Greco Builds A Unicorn Company In Buffalo

Nov 6 • 34:09

From growing up on a dairy farm, to a successful entrepreneur with hundreds of employees, meet our next guest, Jack Greco. Greco co-founded ACV Auctions, an online auction dealer platform, which was last valued at $1.5B. He never thought that he would be the person to co-found Buffalo’s first unicorn startup in 2014. The great part is the story behind his success. He later...

News Roundtable: Future of American Cities and Working From Home

Oct 23 • 35:36

Kevin Siskar and Tim Shisler are at it again, discussing the current news in our world today. Each person brings one topic to the table and they talk about them both....

Bringing Back Jeff Wald To Discuss The End Of Jobs

Oct 16 • 40:44

Our next guest is so amazing, we had to interview him a second time! He was on nearly 5 years ago on Episode 8! Jeff Wald is an entrepreneur who has started three technology companies, with his latest company, WorkMarket, being sold to ADP. Monday was officially his last day. He is a Board Member on the following boards: Steel Connect, Costar Technologies, TransfrVR, Peerl...

News Roundtable: R.I.P. to RBG and Facebook

Oct 7 • 31:16

In this new episode, Kevin Siskar and Tim Shisler discuss the current news in our world today. Each week, each person brings one topic to the table....

Join The Bandwagon With Harold Hughes

Feb 21 • 39:44

Our next guest on the show, is the amazing Harold Hughes. He is the founder of Bandwagon, which helps companies discover the identity of their fans in order to increase attendance, offer personalized services, and increase revenue....

Alexis Beechen Drops Some Knowledge From Building Her Wine Empire

Jan 29 • 29:39

Imagine being on a cruise with friends and a good business idea comes to mind, then months later, your idea is now being distributed in Walmart’s around the world! Today’s guest, Alexis Beechen was enjoying her time partyin’ and thought, putting wine in a can would be much easier to casually drink. She got home and decided to research this idea and discovered that there wo...

Automating Indoor Agriculture with Dan Nelson's Grow Computer

Dec 11 • 48:47

Packing for a nice relaxing vacation, you look around, and realize, you have these beautiful plants that you have worked so hard in growing, and you wonder, are they going to be thriving when you get home? Our amazing guest today, Dan Nelson thought just that as he prepared for his honeymoon a few years back. There has to be a better way than having dead plants when you ge...

Taylor Jacobson Teaches Us Distraction-Free Productivity with Focusmate

Nov 27 • 46:45

After a summer break, we are back with a brand new season of Ambition Today!...

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