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This podcast features interviews of CTOs and other technical leadership figures and topics range from technology to management. Guests from leading tech companies share their best practices and knowledge. The goal is to support other CTOs on their journey through tech and engineering, inspireRead more

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#31 - Alex Solomon // CTO PagerDuty

Jul 29 • 46:38

‘PagerDuty raises 90 million to wake up more engineers in the middle of the night.’ read a recent headline. Highlighting both the recent funding and also its unpopular but necessary job. However, Alex Solomon of PagerDuty is working on making the DevOps world more efficient with on-call-management, AIOps, and automating routine debugging tasks.
He shares with us about: ...

#30 - Cheryl Hung //VP Ecosystem of CNCF [Cloud Native Computing Foundation]

Jul 15 • 01:02:25

We spoke with Cheryl Hung of Cloud Native. She runs the ecosystem of over 600 members contributing to over a hundred open source projects. She also started the Cloud Native London meetup where she promotes developer advocacy and diversity. As an early adopter of kubernetes, she has a lot to share!
Cheryl shared with us:...

#29 - Matthias Jugel // Co-Founder of UBIRCH

Jul 1 • 44:57

We spoke to Matthias Jugel, the co-founder of ubirch, the company behind the 🇩🇪 German digital vaccination passes 💉His technology has generated over 30 million vaccine passes giving Germans their summer holidays back! And they launched in a matter of weeks!
We discussed...

#28 - ‪Rasmus Rothe // founder of Merantix

Jun 17 • 50:21

We spoke to Rasmus Roth, leader in AI space- he has 5 products just based on machine learning....

#27 - Eric Johnson // CTO GitLab

Jun 3 • 01:09:16

I had the chance to talk to Eric Johnson, the CTO of GitLab about ...

#26 - John Romero // CEO Romero Games

May 20 • 52:22

This Podcast episode is DOOMed 🔥🌋😈🧟🕯👿☠👹🦹
I had the chance to talk to John Romero, the inventor of DOOM, Wolfenstein and Commander Keen and founder of id Software about...

#25 - Tim O'Reilly // Founder & CEO O'Reilly Media

May 6 • 01:22:55

Today with me in the Podcast is Tim O'Reilly, the Founder & CEO of O'Reilly Media and boy, his 1,5 million
twitter followers are there for a reason!...

#24 - Peter Grosskopf // Ex CTO Börse Stuttgart & Solarisbank

Apr 29 • 01:09:08

In this episode we dive deep into the principles of Blockchain together with Peter Grosskopf who is our guest for the 2nd time....

#23 - Olivier Bonnet // CTO BlaBlaCar

Apr 8 • 01:11:28

This time I had Olivier Bonnet, the CTO of BlaBlaCar in the podcast.
BlaBlaCar is the carpooling company: They own the market.
They are active in 22 Countries, have 100M+ Users and acquired 12 other carpooling companies.
Olivier, the CTO, joined me to talk about:...

#22 - Frank Karlitschek // CEO NextCloud

Mar 25 • 55:19

How to make a living from Open Source?
My guest Frank Karlitschek, the CEO of ☁️☁️ NextCloud ☁️☁️ the open alternative to Google Cloud and Microsofts Office 365 (!) does it for years and tells us where to start. He knows the game!...

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