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The Alpha Exchange is a podcast series launched by Dean Curnutt to explore topics in financial markets, risk management and capital allocation in the alternatives industry. Our in depth discussions with highly established industry professionals seek to uncover the nuanced and complex interactionsRead more

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Simon Ho, Founder and CEO, T3 Index

Jul 14 • 49:09

With many years experience trading and risk managing derivative exposures, Simon Ho is now the founder and CEO of T3 Index, a financial research and technology firm doing some interesting work in the arena of complex index and product construction.  An avid user of VIX products during his time on the buy-side, Simon loved everything about the CBOE suite of vol products but...

Colin Lancaster, Global Head of Macro, Schonfeld Strategic Advisors

Jun 16 • 46:23

Now the Global Head of Macro at Schonfeld Strategic Advisors, Colin Lancaster has always found top-down investing a fascinating discipline.  Trained as a lawyer but finding his way to the buy-side in the 1990’s, Colin has spent the last 25 years in markets, allocating capital and building teams focused on macro.  Over his long career, he’s traded through his share of vol e...

Paul Kim, Co-Founder and CEO, Simplify Asset Management

Jun 12 • 53:07

From a young age and learning from his humble and hardworking parents who immigrated from South Korea, Paul Kim developed an appreciation for the value of capitalism and the pursuit of the American dream.  Finding his way into the investment industry first in an investment banking seat at Lazard where he learned by fire, Paul would ultimately spend time at PIMCO and then a...

Samara Cohen, Managing Director and Co-Head of EII Markets and Investments, BlackRock

May 31 • 55:06

In the investment world, few if any products have experienced as much growth as the exchange traded fund. And within the ETF business, no firm is as large and as important as BlackRock. In this context, it was great to welcome Samara Cohen, Managing Director and Co-Head of EII Markets and Investments at BlackRock to the Alpha Exchange. Through our discussion, we learn of S...

Robert Bogucki, Co-Head of Global Trading and Head of Derivatives Trading, Galaxy Digital Holdings

May 21 • 56:05

If “theta is the rent on gamma,” for Robert Bogucki, trading options from the long side has always been worth the inevitable pain from carrying positions during benign periods in markets. Trained in mechanical and aerospace engineering, Rob made his way to Goldman Sachs at a time when the Street was just starting to take on individuals with math and physics background. Sta...

Andrew Scott, Partner, Head of Client Solutions Bach Option Ltd.

May 6 • 50:47

After a 6 week hiatus during which I was recovering from a serious jet ski accident, I am excited to bring you a fresh episode of the Alpha Exchange.  And it was wonderful to spend time with Andrew Scott, a Partner and Head of Client Solutions at Bach Option.  Our conversation is an exploration into the complex factors that drive the clearing price for volatility in equity...

Erin Browne, Portfolio Manager, PIMCO

Mar 26 • 49:07

On this episode of the Alpha Exchange, Dean had the pleasure of catching up with Erin Browne, a Portfolio Manager at PIMCO. Through their discussion, we learn of Erin’s introduction to the study of macro, a discipline she instantly found fascinating and has underpinned her more than 2 decades career in markets. At Moore Capital through the build-up and ultimate unwind of t...

Dave Puritz, Founder and CIO, Shaolin Capital Management

Mar 15 • 54:52

A quarter-century ago, as the original tech bubble began in earnest, the American Stock exchange was full of action. Populated with an aggressive throng of option traders, the Amex was a critical liquidity venue during a period of heady growth in the US listed options market. It was here, starting as a clerk, that Dave Puritz began to hone the craft that underpins his role...

Greg King, Founder and CEO, Osprey Funds

Mar 5 • 55:50

Greg King has spent his career creating vehicles that enable investors to access complex risk exposures.  Part of the team from Barclays that designed the VXX ETP product in 2009, Greg went on to co-found Velocity Shares, a firm that was ultimately acquired by Janus and created both the TVIX and XIV, levered long and short versions of the VXX.  About the XIV, Greg shares h...

Mark Friedman, Founder and CIO, DLD Asset Management

Feb 11 • 47:20

For Mark Friedman, the Founder and CIO of DLD Asset Management, the convertible bond market has always made for interesting study.  Sitting at the intersection of critical asset classes, the convertible bond market requires investors to assess risk from many dimensions at once.  And with valuation components derived from equity, interest rate, credit and volatility risk, c...

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