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Looking to embark on a career in corporate law? We know it can be hard to differentiate one firm from another, particularly when everyone says they 'do great work with great people'. But what does that mean? Allens Confidential aims to answer that question. Produced by two Allens grads, GenevaRead more

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Mental health

Oct 29 • 32:11

Clerkship season

Aug 27 • 29:35

Clerkship season is once again in full swing: a time of great excitement, enormous possibility and (for most of us) nerves. Co-Staff Partner Rosannah Healy and Associate Erin Molony, both from the firm's Competition practice in Melbourne, join Caitlin and Will to discuss how best to prepare for interviews, what to expect in them and why it's not the end of the world if you...

Being out at work

Jun 24 • 24:08

What's it like coming out at work? How do you do it? Why does it matter? Rachel Nicolson, Partner and joint head of the firm's ALLin LGBTQ+ network, and Andy Tolé, Law Graduate, join Caitlin and Will to discuss being out at work. Rachel, Andy, Caitlin and Will share their personal experiences and give their perspectives on how to navigate job applications, interviews, CVs ...

Your past is your secret weapon: non-traditional pathways to a career in law

Jun 3 • 26:41

Getting a job at a top-tier law firm can feel like an impossible prospect for a candidate whose school and uni results don't look a certain way on paper. How does it work if your background, education or experience don't match the stereotype? Caitlin and Will catch up with Grace Stals, head Paralegal in Sydney, and Manreet Singh, National Manager, Early Careers, to explore...

Ask us anything: clerkships, motivation, embarrassing moments

Mar 1 • 26:16

Global connections in the time of COVID

Nov 25 • 26:40
While restrictions on international travel are expected to remain in place for some time, global opportunities in the future are still front of mind for many law students. In the latest episode of Allens Confidential, we talk to Mona Abu Zalaf, an Allens lawyer on secondment with our alliance partner Linklaters in London, and Patrick McGregor, a Senior Overseas Practitione...

What to expect from your clerkship

Nov 12 • 29:31

The Trans-Tasman Bubble

Aug 27 • 23:43

Having perfected the pronunciation of Kia Ora through numerous YouTube videos, Caitlin and Geneva are joined by Managing Associate Laura Hablous and Associate Andrew Lee to discuss their experiences crossing the ditch from New Zealand to Australia. Laura and Andrew discuss career progression, the logistics of qualification and what it's like to start a whole new life in a ...

The power of pro bono

Jul 23 • 26:18

Our pro bono work is one of the topics we get the most questions about from prospective clerks and grads. In this episode, Geneva and Caitlin catch up with Nicky Friedman, our Director of Community Engagement, and James Daniel, Associate and Sydney Pro Bono Coordinator, to talk all things pro bono. What sort of pro bono legal work does Allens do? How does it happen? How do...

The Allens Career Deal

Jul 9 • 33:52

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