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All Through a Lens: A Podcast About Film Photography


An irreverent bi-weekly podcast about the ups and downs of film photography.

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Dev Party - The Great Exchange

Nov 23 • 49:36

On this episode, we talk about our experiences shooting each others cameras (while developing the film we’re talking about)....

Kodak‘s New Prices and How We‘re Never Happy

Nov 16 • 01:49:18

This episode is all about Kodak’s recent price increases: Why’d they do it? How high will they get? And what the hell do we do now? But it’s not just us who will be talking – we asked a few former guests and some friends of the show their thoughts on it....

Nailed to the Xtol (or Maybe Exel)

Nov 9 • 48:36

Finally… Finally Vania returns to Xtol, the developer that nearly killed her (in a very metaphorical sense). Meanwhile, Eric tries out Foma’s version of Xtol called Fomadon Exel.

Both are ascorbic acid developers, and while Kodak claims that Xtol is good for “fine grain and high sharpness,” Foma claims that Exel is great for “fine grain and excellent sharpness”! The drama!...

Carte de Vistas: The First Social Media Experiment (w/ HawnFawn)

Nov 2 • 01:36:18

And on this episode, we’re winding our timelines back to the first social media experiment (that seems to have gone a LOT better than the current one) – CDVs, Cabinet Cards and the mania they kicked up. We’ll also be talking to Bay Area portrait photographer and everybody’s best friend, Han Phan (@hawnfawn on IG)!  There’s the answering machine, zine reviews, Tiffen Sincla...

Dev Party - Devil is in the Double X

Oct 26 • 42:52

On this slightly less spooky episode of Dev Party, we're twinning! Both Eric and Vania are developing 120 rolls of Kodak Double X in FA-1027.

We go into the details and the weirdo data sheet that accompanies FA-1027. We also brush up against the long history of Double X. 

Not only that, we both give our answers for last episode's answering machine question: Which photographi...

Ghosts, Orbs, and Exploding Nitrate Film (with Dave Wilson of Victorian Photography Studio)

Oct 19 • 01:28:13

On this spooky episode, we’ll be talking to Dave from Victorian Photo Studio in Gettysburg (@vps_gettysburg on IG) about tintypes and ghost photos! We’ll also tell you all about some ridiculously explosive film that was essentially gunpowder.  Ever wanted to know how to spot a fake ghost photo? It’s pretty easy, but we’ll tell you how anyway! There’s also Tiffen Sinclair (

Dev Party - The Loneliest Pine

Oct 12 • 45:15

Full show notes at!...

French Surrealism and Chill (with Kalie Frisky)

Oct 5 • 01:33:39

For photos and full show notes, go to

Dev Party - Don‘t Be Ascared of the Dark

Sep 28 • 39:05

Full notes and photos here:

The Flight of the Pigeon Photographers (with Izzie Farr)

Sep 21 • 01:29:23

Full show notes and photos available at

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