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We tell the most jaw-dropping stories you've ever heard. From dramatic stories of survival, the realities of life when facing death and unforgettable lessons on loss and love, you will be inspired, educated and entertained. For every story you hear, we donate $2000 to help people in need. SeeRead more

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Kimi’s favorite takeaways from Season 2

Dec 8 • 19:19

We’ve wrapped on Season 2! But before we take a short break, host Kimi Culp brings you her favorite pieces of wisdom from this season - perfect for sharing around the dinner table to spark a meaningful conversation with friends and family. ...

Amy Purdy lost both her legs and became a 3x Paralympic medalist

Dec 1 • 01:04:08

REBROADCAST - Previously aired on 5/13/2020...

A Little Wiser: How can curiosity make the holidays better?

Nov 24 • 15:34

In this Thanksgiving episode, Kimi and Christy discuss the ways in which curiosity can lead to deeper connections and less family tension during the holidays. They discuss the importance of sharing generational stories, and how to make large family gatherings less stressful and more meaningful by simply asking questions and listening. They also agree that it is a wise idea...

An avalanche took her life, the healing power of nature saved his

Nov 17 • 01:05:17

Adam Campbell is a record-holding life-long mountain adventure athlete, but no amount of experience could have prepared him for the day he accidentally triggered a massive avalanche that took the life of his beloved wife Laura. In this raw and tender episode, we talk about when things fall apart, emotional coping mechanisms, identity, the non-linear nature of grief, healin...

A Little Wiser: Why is it so hard to sit in discomfort?

Nov 10 • 18:10

In this episode, Kimi and Christy talk about Kimi's interview with Sue Klebold. Sue is the mother of Dylan Klebold, one of the two shooters at the Columbine Massacre. She shares her experience of being plucked from a journalism class at CU Boulder to work with reporters on the frontlines of this historical and heartbreaking story....

Her beloved son was the Columbine shooter

Nov 3 • 01:11:34

It’s been more than 20 years since Dylan Klebold walked into Columbine High School and killed and injured dozens of people before taking his own life. Since the loss of her son, Sue Klebold committed the next decades of her life to the research of brain health, violence, and suicide prevention. In this episode, Sue not only shares about the moment she learned of her son's ...

A Little Wiser: What makes belonging so important?

Oct 27 • 22:23

Christy and Kimi discuss belonging and why it matters. They touch on loneliness, connectedness, and what we can do to feel like we belong. In a heartbreaking and relatable text message, Christy reads a message her daughter sent that described feeling alone while eating lunch surrounded by people. They discuss how COVID has contributed to social isolation and loneliness, an...

The ultimate story of second chances

Oct 20 • 47:41

Angelia Bianca has been arrested more times than she can count. By the age of 17 she was a full-blown heroin addict. She had five kids while in and out of prison for 12 years. Those were the headlines over decades of Bianca’s life. But at the age of 50, Bianca changed the narrative, when a chance encounter would lead her to a new career as a violence interrupter working wi...

A Little Wiser: Comparative Suffering

Oct 13 • 20:56

Dr. Edith Eger is one of Kimi and Christy's new heroes, and they talk about their favorite "write it down on a post-it" moments. As a result of Dr. Edie's unimaginable story and circumstances, they explore the idea of comparative suffering and why it is so harmful. Christy explains why people measure and minimize their pain by comparing it to that of others. ...

How suffering makes you stronger with Holocaust survivor Dr. Edith Eger

Oct 6 • 58:30

With so many losing so much during the pandemic, how should we think about the nature of suffering? Holocaust survivor and psychologist Dr. Edith Eger has some powerful words to offer us. Her message? Concentrate not on what you lost, but what you still have. In this inspiring conversation, Dr. Edie reveals her greatest lessons on loss, rejection, the power of choice, find...

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