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All the S**t I've Learned Abroad

All The S**t I’ve Learned Abroad is an international travel podcast with production spanning the globe. Canadian hosts Steph Paige and Andrea Gillis record remotely between Melbourne, Australia and London, England to bring listeners lessons learned through decades of travelling. Together, the pairRead more

Popular episodes

'New Normal' Travel Planning

Nov 9 • 35:09

As much of the world emerges from lockdowns and border closures, travelers who have been dreaming of beaches, mountains and new adventures are now looking towards their new normal. Even as we celebrate a global reopening, travel now presents new challenges and considerations. From vaccinations to masks to PCR tests and contact tracing requirements, COVID-19 has completely ...

How to Beat the Post-Travel Blues

Oct 11 • 44:48

After an amazing trip, returning home to live your “normal” life can feel different. You aren't constantly on the move, you aren't discovering something new every single day, you aren't living the same exhilarating life that you were when traveling. When you experience such high highs, especially for a prolonged length of time, the 'normals' can start to feel like lows. Kn...

High Vibes and Healthy Travels ft. Fran Dargaville

Sep 19 • 45:03

Staying healthy while traveling is all about making healthy choices, but what does that mean beyond simply eats fresh fruits and vegetables... especially when those may not be available to you. Tune in as Steph and Andrea are joined by Fran Dargaville of The High Vibe and Healthy Podcast to discuss tips and tricks to keep you healthier on the road!...

This or That: Travel Edition

Aug 31 • 33:25

In a world full of heavy news, tune in for a light-hearted travel edition of this or that/would you rather. Find out why Steph is probably going to be sat on by a bear and why Andrea's tragic demise might be going down with the ship in the ocean! ...

Conflict on the Road

Jul 29 • 56:28

Conflict on the road is inevitable, so how we prepare for it and handle it can make or break friendships and relationships. Andrea and Steph discuss their own conflicts with others on their travels, how to gage who you travel best with and offer some tips and tricks of what to do when conflict arises. ...

How to Stay Grounded Part 2

Jul 12 • 48:06

Traveling has always come with an inherent level of stress associated with it, but in a COVID and post-COVID world there are new stresses that present themselves. In this Part 2 episode, Steph and Andrea discuss their plans for feeling less anxious about traveling on a microlevel while traveling to and at their destination. ...

How to Stay Grounded While Traveling

Jun 3 • 41:05

Traveling has always come with an inherent level of stress associated with it, but in a COVID and post-COVID world there are new stresses that present themselves. With this, anything we can do to make ourselves less anxious about traveling are going to be critical. Steph and Andrea discuss what they will be doing to help themselves stay grounded as they start to explore th...

How Travel Changes You For the Better

May 9 • 29:07

So many travellers will tell you "Travel changes you" ... but what does that mean? Steph and Andrea explore how their travels have changed them and if the saying has a deeper meaning or if it is just a hollow cliche....

Our Travel Firsts

Mar 28 • 45:15

Travel is full of 'first' experiences but what are the ones you remember the most? Sometimes these 'firsts' change the way we see the world. Other times they inspire and instill in us a renewed energy. In a time of limited travel, reminiscing on our 'firsts' provides excitement for what the future eventually holds. From the first time we stepped on a plane to our first tra...

Losing Your Travel Spark

Feb 28 • 30:30

When travel is a big part of your identity, have you lost your identity if you lose the passion to travel? Losing your spark to travel can happen at any time, be it a prolonged trip around the world, continued trips to the same place... or, a complete lack of travel due to a worldwide pandemic. Steph and Andrea discuss the times they have lost their spark and what worked f...

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