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All The Best (& Worst) with Mr and Mrs Hinch

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Join Sophie and Jamie as they give exclusive access behind the doors of Hinch House! You'll hear all the juicy bits that don't make it to instagram, as they talk through everything from the first day they met through to getting married and having a baby. The pair aren't pulling any punchesRead more

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Things We Didn't Know About Each other

May 18 • 50:13
No matter how well you think you know someone, can you ever really know everything there is to know about them?

Although Sophie and Jamie have been together for years, gotten married and started a family, even they have things they didn’t realise they didn’t know about each other - until now!

In the finale of the season, you get to be a 'fly-on-the-wall' as Jamie and Sophie...

Mental Wellbeing and Body Image

May 11 • 40:23
The past year has been extremely challenging for most of us and it's more important than ever before that we are all talking to each other and feel able to share when something isn't quite right.

In this episode, Sophie and Jamie explore some of the times they’ve felt their mental health being challenged and how they have personally managed to find their path through.


Being In The Public Eye

May 4 • 51:38
Sophie and Jamie are so grateful for their amazing followers - they wouldn't be where they are today without their fantastic support.

But being in the public eye comes with challenges as well as amazing opportunities. They’re in the unique position to be able to change a small business’s life with just a share, but there’s another side to the ‘perks’ of this life that hasn’...

Tidy House, Tidy Mind

Apr 27 • 40:10
Have you heard the expression "Tidy House, Tidy Mind"? It's a phrase Sophie swears by as it's helped her to keep her home and her life in check.

But behind the model home you see on instagram, is a working family house, with all the mess and daily chores.

Sophie and Jamie explain that they aren't as perfect as social media might make them seem, that it's ok to have a little ...

You Do You

Apr 20 • 41:39
In this ep, Jamie and Sophie unravel how pining the toilet and washing her sink on instagram led to the internet sensation she has now become. It's a roller coaster journey that teaches us we all have something special to give just by being who we are.

And for the first time ever, you get to hear Sophie's coveted Australian accent! Plus Jamie and Sophie give a few other acc...

What We Were Like as Kids, What We Are Like as Parents

Apr 13 • 36:32
Have you ever set the house on fire? Or dislocated your Mum's knee? Sophie has!

In this ep, you're going to hear just what Sophie was like as a child Was she loud? Shy? Clumsy? Neat? And what about Jamie?

You'll hear all the childhood stories you've never heard before as they both reveal the secrets they've kept all these years!

And Sophie and Jamie let you know what they thi...

Living a Balanced Life

Apr 6 • 52:30
How do Jamie and Sophie manage everything in their lives? Being a successful influencer isn't just instagram posts, there's a lot of work behind the scenes and Sophie and Jamie spill all the T in this episode!

And on top of that, they are juggling raising a family, having a social life and living through lockdown, so how does it all fit together?

In this ep, Jamie and Sophie...

The Big Day

Mar 30 • 45:58
In this episode, you get to hear everything about Sophie and Jamie's wedding.

From trying to surprise Sophie with the ring, to plucking up the courage to ask for her Dad's permission. Hear Jamie explain how her father reacted and what any of this has to do with helicopters!

Find out why Jamie hid the ring in his underwear and what Sophie really thought was going on!

We hear f...

On The Regular

Mar 23 • 43:56
Following on from the last episode, Jamie and Sophie continue the story of their first days. This time we find out how things moved up a level, from dating to meeting family, moving in together and learning that they were falling in love.

Listen as they tell you everything, from Jamie not getting Sophie's hints to Sophie wanting to tell the world about Jamie, and why wasn't...

How We Met

Mar 16 • 45:37
In this episode of All The Best (& Worst) with Mr. and Mrs. Hinch we start right at the beginning. Settle in for some big reveals, Sophie and Jamie share what they really thought of each other the first time they met and how Sophie wasn't sure Jamie was interested.

Listen as they tell you everything about their first days getting to know each other, their first date and how...

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