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Welcome! All My Relations is a podcast hosted by Matika Wilbur (Swinomish and Tulalip), and Desi Small Rodriguez (Northern Cheyenne) [previously by Dr. Keene] to explore our relationships— relationships to land, to our creatural relatives, and to one another.  Each episode invites guests to delveRead more

Popular episodes

Lies Your Teacher Taught You: The Truth About Thanksgiving

Nov 26 • 19:57

“The Truth about Thanksgiving” is the first installment of a series we’re calling “Lies your teacher taught you”. In this episode we sit down with Matika and her 13-year-old nephew to teach about the true history of European and Native contact. As this episode is with a new teenager, we wanted to show that this is not a hard conversation to have, and most people do not wan...

The Border Crossed Us

Nov 24 • 01:13:09

The Border Crossed Us, is led by Jon Ayon, an AMR intern turned team member, that conducted field research to gather the stories of peoples and Tribes at the southern settler colonial border of the United States and Mexico. This political border was drawn with no respect for the Indigenous peoples that live here that have land claims that predate both colonial governments....

Sexy Sacred

Oct 26 • 37:34

Join us for an episode all about snaggin’! For part two of All My Loving Relations, we continue our conversation with the phenomenal Geraldine King, and bring in comedian Deanna Diaz (aka Dianna M.A.D.). Join us as we embark on a teepee creepin’ journey of all things S-E-X. Some things to look forward to: stories from our own aunties, the sacred power of self-pleasure, and...

All My Loving Relations

May 17 • 01:16:58

Love is something we all need, cherish, and desire in our lives. As Indigenous people we have always known that being in good relation with people, creatures, and the land is integral to wellbeing. Western science is just catching up to discover what we have known for time immemorial. Indeed, love and relationships are arguably the most important things in life. As settler...

Protect Indigenous Women

May 5 • 01:36:23

Since the onset of colonization Indigenous women have experienced violence with reckless abandon, today it is a public health emergency. Traditionally, many of our Native societies are matrilineal but settler colonialism has disrupted our traditional value systems. These shifts have tragically contributed to the epidemic of violence we see committed against our women and T...

Indigenous Motherhood: Birth Is Ceremony

Apr 1 • 01:02:59

In this episode we explore our ceremonies related to birth and question what it means to rematriate through motherhood. What are our traditional birthing ceremonies? What about our coming of age ceremonies? How do we reclaim our sexualities? How has colonization disrupted our traditional birthing practices? Join us in discussion with AMR co-hosts Matika Wilbur, Dr.Dr.Desi ...

Changing Seasons

Mar 17 • 49:06

This episode marks the 12th and final episode of Season Two. What a wild, magical, beautiful and tragic year it has been— a season of dramatic change: personally, professionally, spiritually, and as we say in the episode “you are allowed to feel all the feelings”. And we have! With the global pandemic, heavy social movements, politics (in general), adapting to a socially d...

Hawaiian Resistance, Tourism & Abolition: For The Love of The Mauna, Part 3

Jan 29 • 51:07

Please join us for the third and final piece of our series on the movement to protect Mauna Kea. We have been incredibly humbled and blessed to have reported on the movement, and are so grateful to everyone who made this possible. ...

For The Love of The Mauna, Part 2

Dec 31 • 49:25

This is part two in our series For the Love of the Mauna which shares the story of Native Hawaiians’ effort to protect Mauna Kea. The first episode gave us the background and story of the beginning of the TMT fight and the cultural foundations of Mauna Kea. This segment focuses on the resistance camp at Pu’u huluhulu which was established during the summer of 2019 on the M...

For The Love of The Mauna, Part 1

Dec 10 • 46:11

This special three part series  is a story about land,  culture, and connections to place—it's the story to protect Mauna Kea on the Island of Hawaii. Kanaka Maoli people have been fighting to stop the construction of the thirty meter telescope (TMT) since it's inception in 2009, and in the summer of 2019 a resistance camp at Pu’u huluhulu was established on the Mauna. ...

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