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The Pursuit–Your Pursuit Is Not Linear

Nov 26 • 27:57
In order to reach the version of yourself or the life you are Pursuing you need to move past the belief that your Pursuit is linear. The future you are pursuing already exists and is waiting on your to embody it today--think how you feel, what are you doing, who are you surrounded by, etc. Begin feeling those feelings and doing those things TODAY. In addition to sharing my...

The Pursuit–Welcome Back

Nov 19 • 35:06
It's the return of The Pursuit. I've been busy (as I'm sure you have as well) and we catch up, level set what to expect from the show, and I share the roll signs from the Universe/God/High Being/etc. have played on my Pursuit and specifically three examples from the last couple of months.

I'm excited to get back and am looking forward to Friday morning recordings of The Pur...

The Pursuit–Introducing Harmony Wealth With Matt Fizell

Jul 2 • 41:08
In this special episode, I get to help a friend launch his new Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), which is a huge honor. Allow me to introduce you to Matt Fizell, founder of Harmony Wealth. Matt is a great friend of mine, a fellow member of The AGC™, a top-notch financial advisor, and an overall great human being.

I asked him to join me for a special episode of The Pursui...

Khe Hy: Planting A Single Seed

May 19 • 53:55
In a recent call with Khe Hy, he challenged me to consider planting a single seed--shaking out everything else I work on to go all-in on one thing. This episode of All About Your Benjamins is an extension of that call. This was a fun conversation and a little personal as we each shared insight into decisions we make and why we've planted so many seeds in the past.

This will...

The Pursuit–Speak It Into Existence

May 7 • 15:35
As you go along your Pursuit you will most likely need a little help from loved ones, friends, and even strangers. You will not be able to open every door needed to reach your goals but others will--that door being opened could be an introduction to someone, could be an offer of employment, or it could just be a little emotional support to pick you up and keep you on your ...

The Pursuit–Fear Is Not Real

Apr 23 • 13:03
This week's episode was inspired by my friend Derick Grant's visit to The AGC™. Derick's talk was centered around mindset but he spent a little bit of time discussing "fear" and he lead off with "Fear is not real. It's the feeling of fear that is real."

Insert head exploding emoji here.

Tune in to hear more about Derick's visit, how the feeling of fear, not fear itself, is s...

The Pursuit–Hindsight is 2020: The Path To Onramp

Apr 16 • 20:17
In this week's episode, we'll take a look at how the last few years have led me to taking the position of VP of Marketing and Brand at Onramp Invest--in hindsight it's so obvious why I was doing the things I was. We'll also talk about how when you're living on purpose the ability to manage multiple ventures and accomplish more becomes easier.

Read more about this week's ann...

The Pursuit–Unexpected Signs And The Importance Of Planning

Apr 9 • 22:35
In this week's episode of The Pursuit I briefly put my financial advisor hat on to discuss the importance of financial planning for your pursuit and share how a financial advisor, who understands you have bigger aspirations that retirement and college planning, can help not only identify what you value the most, but help you align your finances with your pursuit. It's a li...

The Pursuit–Manifesting Our Own Path

Apr 2 • 18:27
What if I told you by putting your pursuit out in the Universe you are more likely to reach your destination or goals than if you kept it to yourself?

Now, I don't have any scientific data to back this up, but I have numerous real life experiences, both personally and through others, to convince me that I am more likely to reach my goals by sharing them with others--I rarel...

The Pursuit–The Tiny Onion With Chef Lauren Owens

Mar 26 • 26:36
Chef Lauren Owens, the official chef of FinTwit, joins me for a real life look at leaving a "safe" situation for one that brings more fulfillment, purpose, and happiness. In this episode, Lauren shares her journey to becoming a chef, then to branching out to become her own boss, to becoming the finance community's favorite chef, and her pursuit to opening The Tiny Onion.


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