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You're not alone in your uncertainty about this monumental life stage of pregnancy and birth. If you’re ready to replace the overwhelm of late-night Googling with expert conversations and stories of strength and positivity from women just like you — join us on the top-rated All About Pregnancy &Read more

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Ep142: MeLynn’s Birth Story - Prenatal Mental Health Treatment

Nov 30 • 50:46

We often hear about postpartum depression but rarely is prenatal mental health a topic of discussion. MeLynn experienced anxiety and depression during pregnancy and there is a lot to learn from her story. She started by telling her partner how she was feeling, then saw a counselor, and eventually she went on medication. Did you know there are therapists who specialize in p...

Ep141: Prenatal Nutrition with Pregnancy Dietician Stephanie Lauri

Nov 23 • 47:08

Diet is a vital component of prenatal healthcare which can often be overlooked. Today educator and registered dietician Stephanie Lauri joins us to give this subject the attention it deserves. After realizing there was a need for more accessible and reliable information on prenatal nutrition, Stephanie dedicated herself to creating a resource for expectant mothers....

Ep140: Tiffany’s Birth Story - The Power of Birth Education

Nov 16 • 57:43

This is a birth story episode that really warmed my heart. Tiffany used knowledge to overcome fears around being a woman of color getting pregnant and giving birth. As someone who researches everything, she knew she needed to be prepared with information to go through the birth process, especially as a first time mom. Tiffany says “Finding Dr. Rankins, a Black woman like m...

Ep139: Stillbirth

Nov 9 • 44:42

Today’s episode is about stillbirth. This is a difficult topic but I’ve actually had several people reach out to me about it. I see stillbirths maybe a handful of times a year, so it’s not extremely common, but common enough that it’s important to talk about....

Ep138: How to Be a “Smart Money Mama” with Financial Educator Chelsea Brennan

Nov 2 • 53:11

There’s so much to consider when you’re preparing to bring home your bundle of joy, it can be tough to think about money. Money management in parenthood goes so far beyond just paying for diapers and car seats. The healthy money habits you model will positively affect the way your child thinks about money as they grow....

Ep137: Rosana’s Birth Story - How Education Led To An Empowering Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Oct 26 • 55:14

This is a birth story about a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). After the birth of Rosi’s son resulted in a C-section, she wanted to try for a vaginal birth with her daughter. Her first birth was rewarding but not the experience she had hoped for. After an induction at 41 weeks she spent 30 hours in labor and ultimately delivered via c-section. She didn’t fee...

Ep136: Postpartum Mojo with Maraya Brown

Oct 19 • 57:56

Have you heard of postpartum thyroiditis or adrenal exhaustion? Me neither, which is why I invited Maraya Brown onto the podcast! Maraya is a certified nurse midwife turned women’s health coach who’s worked in women’s healthcare for over two decades in many different capacities. She is here to talk about many aspects of postpartum wellness which she encounters through her ...

Ep135: Bekah’s Birth Stories - Night and Day Difference

Oct 12 • 54:05

Today Bekah shares not one but two birth stories! Her first labor was long, rough, and full of interventions. Her second, however, she describes as “an incredible, redemptive, medication-free experience that made (her) view birth in a whole new light.”...

Ep134: Answering Questions About Abortion

Oct 5 • 56:02

To be honest, I debated whether or not I should cover this topic because I know it’s polarizing and there are a lot of strong emotions involved. However, there is a lot of disinformation on this subject and, just like always, I want to be a source of factual, evidence-based information....

Ep133: Busting Baby Myths with Child Psychologist Dr. Cara Goodwin, PhD

Sep 28 • 45:05

Today, licensed child psychologist Dr. Cara Goodwin, PhD, joins the podcast to tackle some common topics from the angle of research and data. We break down important facts about holding your baby, sleep training, pacifiers, and even some science behind baby talk!...

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