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Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend


A twice weekly podcast hosted by award-winning interviewer and everyone's new best friend Alison Rosen. Mondays are one-on-ones featuring surprisingly honest conversations that are equal parts silly, serious and revelatory. Thursdays are roundtable group shows. You will laugh, think, and feel lessRead more

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Are We Dumber Than A Fifth Grader, Betsy's Fruits, Ben's Constitution Quiz

Dec 9 • 01:34:30

Betsy Sodaro is back to remind us once again that she doesn't have a lot of use for fruit. Despite this, we still do a rousing rendition of Yes Please or Or Puhleeze: Strawberries. Ben Sheehan who's written two books about the constitution is here with a quiz originally written for 8-12 year olds. Plus Tony refuses to talk to Alison. Plus Just Me Or Everyone and more!


Connor Franta

Dec 6 • 01:28:01

Author, Youtuber, entrepreneur and artist Connor Franta joins the show to talk about House Fires, the third in a trilogy of New York Times bestselling books, managing anxiety, running, shower routines, his relationship with his parents, feeling like a bowling ball tossed into an alternate lane, playing sports, leaving college, coming out, O2L (Our 2nd Life), leaving O2L, d...

Alison's Worst Job Interview, Daniel's Canceled Pies, Jordan's Tight Stylie 'Do

Dec 2 • 01:42:59

This one is loose and crazy. I share the story of a posture-doomed job interview, Daniel has some harsh words for a certain pie, Jordan Morris has a new look and Robin Shorr tells us about her recent getaway. Plus a lengthy discussion of proper shower etiquette, Just One of The Guys, notable alumni, Stephen Sondheim's sex dungeon and more.

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Danielle Koenig

Nov 29 • 01:44:44

Writer and podcast host Danielle Koenig stops by the show to talk about whether she knows bad boy Tony Thaxton or not, her new podcast How To Survive, being an "unattractive" child in Hollywood, growing up in a showbiz family, the natural and unnatural disasters that her new podcast covers, writing comedy for TV, how she met her husband Jimmy Pardo, thinking she was going...

Renee's Berry Farm, Ken's Maledictorian, Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 25 • 01:34:04

Daniel was salutatorian in high school but didn't give a speech. Also the valedictorian didn't give a speech or even attend the graduation because his high school was, as we find out, cruel. Ken Reid wanted his high school to have a maledictorian. Renee Colvert went to Knott's Merry Farm and saw a show which raises some questions about the rapture. I don't like haunted hou...

Carlye Wisel

Nov 22 • 01:47:41

Theme park journalist and host of Very Amusing, Carlye Wisel (Travel and Leisure, Vanity Fair, The New York Times) joins the show to talk about an alternate reality where she's driving a weiner mobile, her sponcon past, having toggled between writing and working in the music industry, putting on a likely illegal show in Austin, accessing joy, nachos, journalism, rickety co...

Sarah Baker's Chainsaws, Wendy Molyneux's Hugh Grant Manifestation, Alison's Minor Surgery

Nov 18 • 01:39:02

Wendy Molyneux is here but she isn't wearing her traditional ghillie suit, to Daniel's chagrin. Sarah Baker is here with her chainsaws and fun facts. Both Wendy and Sarah have medical stories to share which prompts me to talk about my recent very minor procedure even though I am tempted not to talk about it. But the people demand to know the status of my Versed experience....

Jodie Sweetin

Nov 15 • 01:25:01

Actor, author, podcast host and mom Jodie Sweetin (Full House, Fuller House, Never Thought I'd Say This) joins the show to talk about her upcoming late night debut, hosting Your Late Night Show Tonight on Nov 19, returning to acting after years as a "regular person," talking publicly about recovery while still using and the scene in her memoir where she realizes she's tru...

Dave Theune's Punk Festival, Jackie's Skincare Tips for Straights, Alison's Announcements

Nov 11 • 01:31:48

Dave Theune is here for the first time! Jackie Johnson is back and she gives us an office tour. I have a couple announcements to make and Daniel wants to know if Skidmark is a real band. Plus nutritional yeast, Succession, Dave's selfless fun facts, some skincare tips for straight dudes and more.

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Bobcat Goldthwait Is Back!

Nov 8 • 01:33:29

Comic, writer and director Bobcat Goldthwait is back to talk about Joy Ride, the documentary following him and his now friend, former frenemy Dana Gould as they perform together across the U.S. We talk about his recent comments about cancel culture going viral, the occasional choice to weigh in on issues, whether he gets a thrill from "gutting a room" (he says he does not)...

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