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Scream queen actress and daughter of a police detective, Aimee Brooks, shares her obsession with true crime and the paranormal. Join Aimee as she keeps it creepy and spares no detail (or opinion) delving into fascinating tales of murder, hauntings, ghostly mysteries and high profile guestRead more
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Best Episodes

201. SPECIAL- The Creepiest News Stories of 2020

Jan 6, 2021

"Creepiest News Of 2020 Episode "




A zombie car wash…Iron crotch kung foo…An alligator gender reveal partyThis is the year end review of the Creepiest News Stories of 2020.HOSTED BY: Aimee BrooksCHECK OUT THE WEBSITE:https://www.creepypodcast.comON YOUTUBE: PODCASTS, VIDEOS AND POSTS FORRead more

118. Heinous Holiday Homicides

Dec 23, 2020

"Heinous Holiday Homicides #6 Was Jonbenet Ramsey killed by Santa??? 😱🎅🏻 "



Death by stabbing…Death by beheading…Death by a homemade flame thrower…Better mop up the guts and get out the bleach. Make sure to hide your dead wife in the shed. Perhaps take off the blood stained Santa suit because that kind of looks suspicious.This is the Bloody Christmas special where I countRead more

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26. Adelaide Gaol INTERVIEW

Feb 16, 2021

"Perverted Ghost"



A mysterious floating blob…A prison ghost guard still on duty… Randy spirits who like to stroke long hair and grope women…This is the Adelaide Gaol, probably the most haunted and terrifying place in South Australia.HOSTED BY: Aimee BrooksSPECIAL GUEST: Penny WilkinsonCHECK OUT THERead more

23. Kreischer Mansion INTERVIEW

Jan 27, 2021

"EVPs I share on my podcast of an investigation "


A photo bombing clown spirit…A wailing ghost searching for her lost husband…Don’t go in any closets, because the spirits that haunt this place may lock you in…This is the Kreischer Mansion, a Victorian mansion in Staten Island, New York. This historic property is said to be haunted by many spirits,Read more

24. Emilie Sagee And Her Doppelgänger

Feb 2, 2021

" My evil twin story She got her nose done to look like me"


A creepy teacher who appears at two places at once…An entity who likes to imitate the living…School girls living a real life nightmare…This is the fascinating and chilling tale of Emilie Sagee and her doppelgänger.HOSTED BY: Aimee BrooksCHECK OUT THE WEBSITE:https://www.creepypodcast.comONRead more

203. The Linda Thompson Murder

Jan 20, 2021

"The Murder of Lydia Thompson Episode "


A crazy wife who keeps battery acid in her purse...A husband who was the hots for his married secretary...A mistress that hired a hit man to behead her lover’s wife?This is the twisted and crazy story of the Linda Thompson murder.HOSTED BY: Aimee BrooksCHECK OUT THERead more

119. Charleville Castle

Dec 30, 2020

"Ghost children at Charleville Castle "


A favorite party pad for Lord Byron’s debauchery…Secret rooms built for dark Masonic rituals…A nursery filled with child spirits that still want to play…This is Charleville Castle, a 17th century castle in Ireland, said to be one of the most haunted places in all of Europe.HOSTED BY: AimeeRead more

202. Preston Castle- Haunted Boy’s Reform School

Jan 13, 2021

"Haunted Reform School Episode "

A ghost doctor seen working in his office…School boys pinching butts and pulling pranks in death…If the ghosts don’t get you, the bats and creepy critters might… This is the infamous Preston School Of Industry, commonly known as Preston Castle— a former boy’s reform school and paranormal hotspot inRead more
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