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AI: Hype vs. Reality

Technology • Business • Society-and-culture

Artificial intelligence (AI) carries a lot of promise to enhance human lives. It also carries a lot of hype. Can AI express human creativity? Where are all of the self-driving cars? Will machines ever become “human”? Join host Jessica Chobot as she puts present-day AI technology to the test andRead more

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AI Has Eyes

Jul 31 • 25:24

Computer vision technology is already being used in a number of ways. Facial recognition is being used in lieu of boarding passes by some airlines. Facial biometrics can be used to unlock our devices—and even our doors. Conservationists are using the technology to identify and conserve rare species and promote biodiversity. Yet with this increasingly powerful technology c...

Artificial Instincts

Jul 17 • 26:30

Does AI have intuition? It’s tough to say. Some experts predict AI will take the guesswork out of stock markets, come out on top in high-stakes competitive games, and figure out what we’re thinking before we think it. But will it? And how soon? With so much data being fed into AI, it’s reasonable to assume raw computational power and better information are stand-ins for in...

Doctor AI

Jul 3 • 21:22

If you’ve been to a medical facility recently, you may have already had some of your healthcare provided for you by AI. Massive amounts of raw medical data have been compiled since medical imaging hit the scene, and with computing power up to the task, it can now be harnessed in novel, fascinating ways: diagnosing life-threatening diseases, plus assessing risk of disease a...

AI for Creativity

Jun 19 • 19:46

Can AI be creative? If you believe the hype, AI will one day automate even the most creative jobs in advertising, fashion design, art, music and literature. But will it? To find out, host Jessica Chobot turns to Botnik Studios and its AI software to write a sitcom script—with an ocean of sitcoms from the 1980s and 90s providing the universe from which predictive text will ...

AI On The Job

Jun 5 • 20:21

Is AI really coming for all of our jobs? Or is fear of a robot takeover based on hype? To find out, host—and fellow human—Jessica Chobot talks with leading AI experts to uncover the source of the hype, reveal just how challenging it is to train a robot, and clearly define the role of machines in the workplace....

AI That Drives

May 22 • 22:22

Self-driving cars: the greatest automotive industry disruption since Henry Ford’s Model-T assembly line… just around the corner. Right? That’s the hype—but is it reality? Are we mere blocks away from our neighborhood streets and freeways being filled with autonomous cars? Find out in the premiere episode of AI: Hype vs. Reality, a new podcast and video series in which Jess...

Introducing AI: Hype vs. Reality

May 6 • 01:34

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