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@joelgrus and @akm talk about data, science, data science, Shingy, and whatever else they feel like

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Adversarial Distancing, Episode 4: Joel's Fizz Buzz Book

Aug 6 • 53:41
It turns out Joel wrote another book: Ten Essays on Fizz Buzz (Quarantine does strange things to a person.)

In this episode Andrew and Joel discuss Fizz Buzz, what makes the book interesting, the value of deconstructing problems in different ways, Joel's side career in acting, why fluffy talks are easier to write than technical talks, the importance of staying fresh, wheth...

Adversarial Distancing, Episode 3: Two Conversations with Jowanza

Jun 15 • 01:31:45
About a month ago we recorded a podcast with Jowanza Joseph about engineering and COVID-19 and other mundane topics.

While I (Joel) was procrastinating on editing it, a lot happened in the world. And then Jowanza wrote a blog post about his experiences with racism and how they've affected his life.

Which made it feel really weird to just put out an episode with him that doe...

Adversarial Distancing - Episode 2

May 16 • 51:53

Adversarial Distancing - Episode 1

Mar 22 • 40:00

Episode 21: The Cold Start Problem for Becoming a DJ

Nov 8 • 59:13

Our guest this week is Pardis Noorzad (@djpardis), former data science manager at Twitter and now Head of Data Science at Carbon Health. Our conversation spans a wide range of topics:...

Episode 20: Churn! Churn! Churn!

Oct 30 • 01:09:51
Our guest this episode is Carl Gold (@carl24k),
Chief Data Scientist at Zuora and author of the forthcoming book
Fighting Churn with Data.
Use the discount code podadvl19 to save some unspecified amount on it.

Topics include

* churn
* writing a book
* churn
* running a subscription business
* churn
* domain expertise
* p-hacking
* churn
* how Joel picks what song to use for the podcas...

Episode 19: Writing the Same Book Twice

May 24 • 49:33

Episode 18: Never Insult a Pigeon Driving a Bus

Mar 12 • 01:08:28

Our guest this episode is data scientist Peadar Coyle....

Episode 17: Josh Wills

Feb 4 • 01:13:08
Adversarial Learning is back from its extended hiatus!

Our guest is famous data scientist Josh Wills.
We discuss why Josh is a famous data scientist,
what it's like working at Slack,
data science conferences,
NLP's "imagenet moment",
whether Joel should remove the MapReduce chapter from the 2nd edition of Data Science from Scratch,
and which is the best Rush album.

Please listen...

Episode 16: My Code of Ethics Will Forbid YAML

May 25 • 49:17

Adversarial Learning is back!
In this long-delayed episode (thanks, technical difficulties)
we are joined by data scientist
Schaun Wheeler to discuss our favorite topic, data ethics. Highlights include:...

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