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Every week a panel of experts in .NET and related technologies sit down with developers from the community to talk about all things .NET related.

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New and Improved OWASP - .NET 097

Nov 30 • 38:38

If you are listening to this podcast you probably know about the OWASP Top 10. A new top 10 came out in September to replace the list from 2017 and there are a number of changes. Christian Wenz joins us to go through each item with a fine-tooth comb. The list has some new additions and consolidates some of the categories to try and make things clearer. One of the bigger ch...

BONUS: How to do LARGE Volumes of HIGH Quality Work - While Spending Fewer Hours Working

Nov 24 • 47:22

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Integration Testing - The Why and How - .NET 096

Nov 23 • 51:37

We talk to Martin Costello - a .NET developer with a QA background - about integration testing. We walk through the different types of automated testing and discuss the benefits and purpose for each type....

Let's Get Functional - .NET 095

Nov 16 • 01:01:38

Today's episode is all about functional programming. While C# isn't necessarily designed for functional programming you can still write functional code as long as you aren't a purist. Simon Painter joins us to talk about functional programming in general and how to use it in C# specifically. How do you write functional code in an object-oriented language? How do you use cl...

Azure Cognitive Services Etc - .NET 094

Nov 9 • 41:49

Azure has a lot of services, some of which don't get much fanfare. Azure Cognitive Services might be a service that you haven't heard much about but that has a lot of useful features. Sam Nasr joins us to look into some of their APIs including vision and speech. After that we talk about SQL Server FileTables for storing files and directories. Last but not least Sam tells u...

The future is in WebAssembly - .NET 093

Nov 2 • 42:00

Alexandre Malavasi walks us through Blazor WebAssembly and explains the journey and evolution of the framework to this current point and future state with the upcoming .NET 6 release. We also discuss WebAssembly more generally and its possible impact for other Single Page App frameworks in the future....

Blockchain on Azure - .NET 092

Oct 26 • 01:08:08

Today we take a look at how Microsoft is working with blockchain in Azure. Stefano Tempesta is a senior program manager at Microsoft on Azure confidential computing. Azure confidential computing focuses on securing data in use and one of the technologies they are working with is blockchain. Microsoft is working to develop blockchain solutions that can be used for things li...

How Fluent Are Your Assertions? - .NET 091

Oct 19 • 47:48

Do you write unit tests? Do you use Test Driven Development (TDD)? Dennis Doomen does. He started an open source project called Fluent Assertions thirteen years ago that now has over 100 million downloads and has been forked over 400 times. We talk to Dennis about how Fluent Assertions got started and how it has evolved over the years. ...

VS 2022 64-bit - .NET 090

Oct 12 • 54:38

A long time ago in a world very different from this one we had Mads Kristensen on the podcast. During our talk the topic of 64-bit Visual Studio came up and we thought it was probably years away. Well here we are with Visual Studio 2022 64-bit on the way. Mads comes back on the podcast to talk about the path to 64-bit and some of the interesting things they had to work thr...

Want To Pair Up? - .NET 089

Oct 5 • 32:11

In this episode of Adventures in .NET we have a special guest join us to talk about pair programming. When you hear the term pair programming it may conjure up ideas like efficiency, learning, discomfort or maybe even that it is a waste of time. A lot depends on the (two or more) developers who are pair programming together. We look into different reasons why you might wan...

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