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Reframing Out Thoughts Through Our Culture of Origin with Your Host Brendan Mahan

Nov 26 • 18:06

In today's episode, I share a tool I've been using for a few years now to help me reframe my thoughts in order to gain distance, depersonalize the thoughts I don't want to be having, and better see the role unhealthy cultural systems play in those unwanted thoughts....

From the Vault: Holiday Planning with Cindy Jobs

Nov 19 • 53:19

Today, we’re revisiting a conversation with to Cindy Jobs about holiday planning....

Getting Kids into College and Doing It Debt-Free with Denise Thomas, Your Debt-Free College Coach

Nov 12 • 28:41

Today, we’re talking to Denise Thomas.  Denise helps equip parents to take an active role in supporting their children to live a life of greater financial freedom by teaching them how to reduce or eliminate their kid’s college debt. Her mission is to FLIP the student debt statistic in the U.S!...

Rough Cut! Reflections from Day 3 of the International Conference on ADHD 2021

Nov 6 • 24:02

It's Day 3 of the Annual International Conference on ADHD, and it's virtual again for 2021!  We're still doing the rough cut debriefs, but today os the last day!  Each day, I've grabbed some folks to do a quick, unedited reflection on the conference.  For day 3, I'v got Alan Brown, Roxie Martin, Moira Maybin and Jessica McCabe!  Check it out!...

Rough Cut! Reflections from Day 2 of the International Conference on ADHD 2021

Nov 6 • 41:37

The Annual International Conference on ADHD is virtual again for 2021!  And we're still doing the rough cut debriefs!  Each day, I'll be grabbing some folks to do a quick, unedited reflection on the conference.  For day 2, I grabbed Will Curb, Dr. Carolyn Lentzsch-Parecalls, Kate Barrett, Lollie Weeks, and Jon Hassall!  Check it out!...

Rough Cut! Reflections from Day 1 of the International Conference on ADHD 2021

Nov 5 • 30:27

What If You‘re Not the Main Character? Empathy and Compassion Tool with Brendan Mahan Your Compassionate Captian

Oct 30 • 09:10

Middle School Matters with Phyllis Fagell, Author and School Counselor

Oct 16 • 43:24

Today, we’re talking to Phyllis Fagell, author of Middle School Matters.  Phyllis is a school counselor, and author of the book Middle School Matters....

Brain Performance and the Eyes with Trent McEntire of Fire Up You Brain

Oct 9 • 44:00
Today, we’re talking to Trent McEntire.

He's the founder of, and creator of the Brain Speedball.  Trent became a professional dancer after rehabilitating his own severe movement restrictions caused by a brain injury at birth, and has continued to work on understanding how the mind-body connection and neuroplasticity can be used to address challenges in at...

From the Vault: An Overview of School Testing with Leanne Kaplan, School Psychologist

Oct 1 • 50:05

Leanne is a school psychologist working with elementary school students.  I really enjoyed this conversation.  It was both wide ranging, and insightful....

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