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Editors’ Notes: “It’s such an incredible way to intimately get to know someone right away, diving into our shopping carts,” says SuChin Pak, co-host of Add to Cart, a weekly podcast in which she and co-host Kulap Vilaysack have casual discussions centered around the products they’re consuming. “TheRead more

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Add to Cart: Family. Remove from Cart: FAMILY (with Susan Yara)

Jul 20 • 47:50

This week SuChin and Kulap talk family. Kulap adds many things to cart after her family visited LA for the first time since the “before times.” It’s possible she’s into sports cards now but has confirmed she still can't eat weed edibles. Meanwhile, SuChin’s parents are less sure about their move to Santa Barbara. The two also talk about turning the page –– both in books an...

The Queens (of Cozy) with June Diane Raphael and Jessica St. Clair

Jul 13 • 45:26

Can you hear us? Are the radio waves breaking? Because we have almost too much goodness for one episode. We are joined by the blonde versions of Kulap and SuChin –– June Diane Raphael and Jessica St. Clair. The dynamic foursome talk about their dream vacation alter egos, their dream vacations, and how to bring both into their everyday, not at all vacation, lives. Hint: sta...

From Mouth to Down South

Jul 6 • 54:50

For the month of July, SuChin and Kulap are being featured in Apple Podcasts Spotlight. With such an amazing opportunity, the two talk about some of the biggest realizations and revelations in the first seven months of the pod, and naturally, it gets personal and hoo-ha related. Then, Dr. MD Majanda Delfino (read: not a real doctor) comes on to tell us how to keep things r...

A Midsummer's Nice Tease

Jul 5 • 03:10

We just wanted to pop in to tell you that making a show about the things you buy and buy into, and what they say about who you are, turns out, is extremely revealing. So we rounded up some of our favorite revealing moments of the show so far, to get you excited about the show to come! Because it's not over bebes. No, no. Aunties are just getting started....

Jackie Johnson’s Got the Hottest Hummie Hole in Town

Jun 29 • 43:00

Jackie Johnson is here with paintings that will make you cry, hummingbirds that will make your neighbors jealous, lipstick that will bring strangers too close to your face, and aftermarket (!!) bonuses. Plus, Kulap and SuChin share their favorite LGBTQIA businesses and organizations. ...

Hide and Seek (Air)Tag, You’re It!

Jun 22 • 43:14

After being homebound for so long, most of us are feeling the urge to run wild, to cause chaos, to stir things up...which is exactly what Georgia, Kulap’s pitbull mix, did two weeks ago. So Kulap invested in AirTags, not only for her dogs, but for her keys, Scott’s keys, and soon probably herself! Meanwhile, SuChin has been thinking a lot about tennis. Plus, the moment has...

To All the Dads We Loved Before (with Anthony Rotunno)

Jun 15 • 40:31

Nothing says Fathers Day better than a crisp, handwritten letter on heavyweight stationary. Or a perfect fitting linen shirt. Or really anything suggested by Anthony Rotunno, the classiest, most sophisticated non-dad to be a guest on the show. Plus, Ku and Su go over their own Father’s Day finds and feelings. ...

Together in the Land of Oprah and Olive Oil (with Alison Rosen)

Jun 8 • 44:45

For the first time in the history of Add to Cart, SuChin and Kulap recorded this episode in the same room. Kulap could see the sweat form on SuChin’s hairline as she talked about her dentist appointment, while SuChin saw mist form over Kulap’s eyes as she talked about her pillows. Plus, the two are joined (via Zoom, sadly) by Alison Rosen, who brings a new item from the ic...

It’s Pillow Time, Baby

Jun 1 • 40:32

Maybe we should add a disclaimer for SuChin because her brain is FOGGY from her second vaccine shot. But, TBH it makes all of her add to carts better. As for Kulap, she is on a roll. A sexy roll. A sexy pillow roll. Okay, she bought a sex pillow. The two talk about what happens in their various states of fever, sexy or not. Plus, Poise Pads are back!...

Wrap Me in a Burrito Blanket and Rock Me

May 25 • 35:54

We won a Webby Award!!! And Kulap celebrated her birthday! With real life friends! So, great things are happening, but that also means being honest with how we feel about life picking up again. So SuChin is adding to cart the kind of decision maker she is, especially with her husband Mike. Kulap is adding to cart her first restaurant meals. Plus, the last (but not actually...

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