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Join the hosts of Add to Cart, comedian-writer-director Kulap Vilaysack and veteran journalist SuChin Pak, in a subversive take on consumerism. Each week, they have honest, revealing (sometimes TMI) conversations about all the big and little things they’re adding to, or removing from, their carts.Read more
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Best Episodes

15. Why We Love (and Miss) Non-Sexual Stranger Hands Rubbing Us Down

Mar 2, 2021

"How Asian moms show their love"

This week comes with a few essentials for home massage and relaxing those muscles while still in quar quar. These are SuChin and Kulap’s go-to buys to make the body feel just a little bit better. Plus, the budget buys that are used All. The. Time.    Please note, Add To Cart contains matureRead more

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