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The podcast for academic womxn who want to write and publish more while rejecting the culture of overwork in academia. Cathy Mazak, PhD, helps you create the career (and life) you want by centering your writing. Kick guilt and overwhelm to the curb and amplify your voice to make a real impact onRead more

Popular episodes

101: 3 Systems For More Publications

Nov 23 • 30:05

Is creating systems really worth the time it takes? What systems do you need in place to ensure you can write and publish to your full potential? I’m giving you 3 systems you need in place to write and publish more. ...

100: How Many Publications Can You Write In A Year? (How to Write and Publish More Next Year)

Nov 16 • 41:23

My wonderful coach Gina Robinson joins me on this episode to discuss publication goals and how to increase your capacity for writing and publishing in the coming year. What determines how much you can publish, and where are our expectations coming from? Is it possible to increase your level of joy in your work as you increase output? We talk through these concepts as well ...

99: There’s More For You [Mission Statement Workshop]

Nov 9 • 23:35

Have you ever been scared to admit all that you want for yourself and your career? I’m here to give you permission to go after that influential, fulfilling and impactful career. Here’s how to start. ...

98: Sneak Peek of Navigate: The Writing Roadmap Program

Nov 2 • 52:56

How do you get writing and publishing done to enhance your career, get that promotion, impact your field - without breaking down or burning out? I’ve got the roadmap that shows the way....

97: What Got You Tenure Won't Get You to Full

Oct 26 • 34:55

What will get you from the start of the tenure process all the way to full professor? What worries do you have and what should you focus on instead to achieve your career goals?...

96: Why You’re Still Exhausted After Getting Tenure (And What To Do About It)

Oct 19 • 17:37

Are you still exhausted after getting tenure and don’t know why things haven’t changed? Feeling like you’ll never not be tired? I’ve got 3 steps to take to help you take control. ...

95: Elevate Panel Discussion: Insights, Takeaways & Investing In Yourself

Oct 12 • 32:39

I’m joined on this episode by wonderful Elevate graduates Debra Gombert and Sonia Cabell. We talk about the most impactful parts of the program, tangible versus intangible benefits, and where they’re going from here. They each share great insights and inspirational takeaways to remind us all that we are worth investing in, and that growth and change never stop. ...

94: What Academic Leadership Really Means

Oct 5 • 25:44

What if being a leader in academia doesn’t have to mean taking on an administrative role? Listen in for my take on what it means to be a leader in your mid to late career....

93: Career Design Workshop [2 year podcast gift!]

Sep 28 • 32:17

It is our second podcast-iversary! Thank you SO much for listening. To show my appreciation, I’m sharing part of my Career Design Workshop with you-free-on this episode!...

92: Pouring Into Yourself Overflows to Others: An Interview with Elevate Member Despina Stavrinos

Sep 21 • 28:02

Does spending time and money on your own development feel selfish? What if investing in ourselves actually improved not only our lives, but spilled over to improve the lives around us too? Elevate graduate Despina Stavrinos joins me to share how investing in herself helped her to create time in her schedule, energized her career, and improved her relationships. ...

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