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Above Avalon takes a weekly look into Apple. By examining Apple from both a Wall Street and Silicon Valley perspective, Above Avalon provides unique insight and perspective as to how Apple thinks about the world.

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Above Avalon Episode 184: Let's Talk WWDC 2021

Jun 26 • 37:24

Above Avalon Episode 183: A Ten-Year Lead in Wearables

May 29 • 23:52

Six years after releasing the Apple Watch, it’s still not clear who is going to represent genuine competition for Apple in the wearables space. In episode 183, Neil discusses the series of events have come together to give Apple a wearables lead of not just a few years but more like a decade. Additional topics include Apple wearables sales (unit sales and revenue) and the ...

Above Avalon Episode 182: Apple’s Underestimated Manufacturing Apparatus

Apr 17 • 20:16

Apple is quietly and gradually showing us that the phase “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China” will evolve. In episode 182, Neil goes over the changes taking place within Apple’s supply chain and manufacturing apparatus. The discussion includes a breakdown of where Apple products are manufactured and the relationship between Apple and its contract manufactur...

Above Avalon Episode 181: Let's Talk Apple Retail

Mar 13 • 22:04

When asked to identify Apple’s crown jewel, most will point to the iPhone or iPad. Apple’s retail operations probably wouldn’t be too high on many people’s lists. This is a mistake. In episode 181, Neil discusses Apple’s retail operations with a focus on where Apple Retail is headed and what changes are needed. Discussion topics include the three distinct phases that Apple...

Above Avalon Episode 180: 100 Million Wrists

Feb 13 • 27:56

According to my estimate, 100 million people now wear an Apple Watch. This means that approximately 10% of iPhone users wear an Apple Watch. In episode 180, Neil discusses these installed base and adoption figures as part of a larger discussion regarding Apple Watch’s sales momentum, growth potential, and roles in Apple’s ecosystem. Receive my analysis and perspective on A...

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Above Avalon Episode 179: Winning the Buyback Debate

Jan 16 • 21:02

After years of criticism, doubt, and questions surrounding Apple’s share buyback program, we are at a point where we can say with confidence that the buyback debate has ended and Apple was declared the winner. In episode 179, Neil goes over how the buyback debate began and why so many people underestimated Apple’s ability to both buy back shares and invest in its future at...

Above Avalon Episode 178: Welcome to 2021

Jan 16 • 23:49

Episode 178 is dedicated to discussing Apple’s 2020 and where the company finds itself as we enter 2021. The episode goes over the first Above Avalon year in review that was published for 2020. Neil discusses his five favorite Above Avalon weekly articles from 2020 and the sub themes that were found in the 196 daily updates published in 2020.  Receive my analysis and persp...

Above Avalon Episode 177: The Rise of the Small Display

Dec 5 • 27:16

While the pandemic is pushing people to embrace larger displays like iPads and Macs, the momentum found with smaller displays is still flying under the radar. In episode 177, Neil discusses how analysis of Apple device display size popularity can be used to gain insight into Apple’s ecosystem and quest to make technology more personal. Receive my analysis and perspective o...

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Above Avalon Episode 176: The Mac Earned a Diploma

Nov 21 • 27:19

The Mac is seeing momentum by being true to itself instead of trying to be something that it’s not. With a transition to Apple Silicon, the product category is now benefiting from lessons Apple learned from more popular devices aimed at the mass market. As the Above Avalon podcast enters its seventh season, episode 176 is dedicated to discussing the Mac’s Apple Silicon and...

Above Avalon Episode 175: iPhone at a Billion

Oct 31 • 26:33

According to Neil’s estimate, Apple surpassed the billion iPhone users milestone last month. With the iPhone upgrade cycle approaching a plateau of four to five years, Apple is well-positioned to report record iPhone unit sales. In episode 175, Neil discusses the current state of the iPhone business as it surpasses a billion users. Topic include: iPhone unit sales, iPhone ...

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