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💛Formerly Know as Lil Black Witch 💜About That Life was created with minorities in mind and as the creators we are Black Women in love with the human race and our endless capacity.We will always advocate and support the voiceless and we will continue foster an environment that lifts everyone up.Read more

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About That: Human Design

Nov 12 • 01:11:01

Praxie and Joi interview Marisa about Human Design or Astrology on Acid! Find out what exactly it is and what kind of information you can get from a Human Design Chart.
As always, we've included some of our usually segments in between. 

Next Episode: About That: Heritage

Where to find Marisa: 
IG: @_intuitivedesign_

This Episode has strong adult language...

About That: Adult Relationships

Oct 30 • 01:10:38

About That: Magical Life

Oct 15 • 43:47

Welcome to About That Life! Formerly known as Lil Black WItch

Praxie + Joi are bringing you more. More conversation, more laughter, and more life. In this podcast you'll find the topics we all think and care about as people. We'll make sure to give our hot takes as well as a little humor to really explore the world.

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The Cosmos And Its Numbers

Jun 11 • 01:37:04

Spiritual Hygiene

May 17 • 01:12:31

This episode we talk about healing using the popular Buzzword you see EVERYWHERE.

The power you want is in you, but without clearing space for it, you may not ever fully access it.

Dawn our incredible guest sharing her perspective with Praxie and Joi

Please follow her on IG @thetwilightdawn
Or visit her site

The Power of 3

Apr 19 • 01:09:23

Your Intuition is Showing

Mar 19 • 01:43:22

Spiritual Spring Cleaning

Mar 12 • 01:53:27

New + Improved

Mar 5 • 57:18

That's A Wrap!

Dec 29 • 34:34

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