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A Thousand Maybe Worlds

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Two non-experts work their way through the entire available run of the old time radio anthology X Minus 1 with occasional guests.

Popular episodes

Episode 55--"Mr. Costello, Hero"

Sep 26 • 01:02:16

Episode 54 -- "Where Ever You May Be" X Minus One

Jun 28 • 01:00:40

Now featuring both of us......

Episode 53 -- "Project Trojan" X Minus One

Jun 21 • 01:07:56

Episode 52--"If You Was a Moklin" X Minus One

Dec 28 • 01:10:14

We complete a years worth of weekly episodes in the span of a year an half or so with Murray Leinster's "If You Was a Moklin" where we discuss the line between adorable and scary, we forget our own podcasting history, and discuss evolution the way people who don't 'believe' in evolution think it happens....

Episode 51--"Project Mastodon" X Minus One

Dec 23 • 01:04:39

I finally got some time set aside to edit one of the two episodes on deck, so here for your listening pleasure is Simak/Kinoy joint Project Mastodon....

Episode 50 - "Lulungameena" X Minus One

Nov 8 • 01:26:53

The Final 7 Minutes of Episode 49

Sep 3 • 07:38

So, somewhere along the line, I erased the last seven minutes of Richard's recording on the last episode...or i have space madness and Richard is just in my head......

Episode 49--"The Defenders" X Minus One

Sep 1 • 01:18:15

Finally it's here, except there's twenty minutes up front where Richard talks about Lem instead, then pitches a few shows based on mis-speaking, and eventually we get into a bunker episode that washes the taste of Hello, Tomorrow out of our mouths....

Episode 48 -- "Hallucination Orbit" X Minus One

Jul 4 • 01:23:46

Our first remote recording, some audio problems, timing problems, but it's an uploadable episode so here it goes....

Episode 47 -- "The Seventh Order" X Minus One

Jun 25 • 01:04:40

Richard gets the title right on the second try, but Ryan can't count. Another invasion story, this time from a Blue Man Group Robot. Bad piloting, a strange plan, and another episode we talk ourselves out of liking in this week's belated episode....

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