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As an independent creator and practitioner of Classical Hatha and Kriya Yoga, my goal is to make Spirituality mainstream. I will be featuring people who are a living proof of the significance of making this happen 🙏🏻 May you feel inspired and guided by the stories.

Popular episodes

Eating Disorder and it’s TRUE cause - Everything you Need to Know about Eating Disorders

Dec 2 • 51:11

An eating disorder is a mental health condition where you use the control of food to cope with feelings and other situations. Unhealthy eating behaviours may include eating too much or too little or worrying about your weight or body shape. Eating disorders affect up to 5% of the population, most often develop in adolescence and young adulthood. Today's guest Alida Gjoka s...

Writing A Book Access Flow State⎮True Nature of Desire Success Comes From Within Yoga & Manifestation⎮Episode19

Aug 13 • 45:40

Writing A Book: Access Flow State⎮The True Nature of Desire, Success Comes From Within, Yoga & Manifestation and much more 🙏🏼

In todays episode we have Santosh Mudigoudar tuning in from Germany, he is from Bagalkot, Karnataka but is currently staying in Mannheim, Germany. We explore his journey of becoming an author and writing his first book: The Way To Success Is Inwar...

Uncover Your Passion⎮Bharatanatyam & Meditation, Perseverance & Books

Apr 30 • 01:48:24

In todays podcast we have Krishna tuning in from India, she shares her journey of becoming a dancer, how being exposed to spirituality at a very young age altered her life, why reading matters and how books shaped her path. She also shares about the impact of music, the difficulties she was facing while growing up and her journey with Isha Foundation. This and much more! G...

The Modern Sadhu ⎮ Sustainability, Hooked on nature: Barefoot & Shirtless, Hawaiian Spirituality

Apr 27 • 01:28:57

In todays podcast we have Gazman tuning in from France.He introduces us to Hawaiian Spirituality by offering a prayer. He then speaks how growing up in Hong Kong was and how his parents supported him to make his own decisions even if it's against the norm. He also speaks about the drug scene in Hong Kong and the limitations that come with pursuing happiness through externa...

The Freedom of Discipline ⎮ Kailash Pilgrimage with Sadhguru, Kashi Krama, Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher

Apr 2 • 01:14:14

In this episode we have Sunaina tuning in from Nepal who is a Classical Hatha Yoga Teacher trained by Isha Foundation. She tells us about how growing up in a spiritual/religious environment was and how that influenced her early on. She then speaks about her career and how she was always striving to make an impact in her life. Later she realized that she was lacking discipl...

Presence of The Master⎪Sadhanapada, Asking Sadhguru a Question, Quantum Physics & Spirituality

Feb 3 • 01:48:45

In todays episode we have David tuning in from the US who has been on the path for over 9 years now. He tells us about his experience of being in Sadhguru's presence multiple times, spending 7 months at the Isha Yoga Center, multiple visits at the Isha Institute of Inner Sciences as well as the consecration of AdiYogi - The Abode of Yoga, traveling in India and meeting Moo...

The Architecture of Sound⎪Sound Engineering for Isha Foundation & Sadhguru, Music in Film, Podcasts

Jan 27 • 01:09:47

In todays episode we have Charlie Garcia, a Sound Engineer from the US. He shares his story of how he became one as well as what some of the possibilities and opportunities are in this field. We also talked about how to stay consistent in doing what you're passionate about. He used to play the Banjo in Sounds of Isha and then started running sound for Isha Foundation in la...

The Healing Power of Music⎪Passion, Perseverance, Psytrance & Psychedelics & Grace

Jan 20 • 01:19:07

In this podcast we have Rajkiran Alexander from India who shares with us a transformative experience, getting hit by a bus and almost loosing a foot. Being told he would not be able to walk without crutches for 2 years he made up his mind that he'll be able to walk in a years time. With his one pointed mind and focused on healing himself the universe responded to it in suc...

Restoring the Feminine⎪Goddess Worship, Devi Seva, Storytelling Through Art, Sobriety & Psychedelics

Jan 13 • 01:33:18

In todays episode we have Sabah from the Us. The two of us met at the Isha Yoga Center in India where we got to be part of an Isha Life Collection. Later I discovered her art and saw the intricacy and details of what she was portraying through her art. We speak about unleashing ones creativity, storytelling through art, the dimension of the feminine, goddess worship in anc...

Successful but Restless⎪Recovering from Auto-Immune Disease, Meeting Wim Hoff, Vipassana, Isha Kriya

Jan 6 • 01:48:15

In todays episode we have Rob from Netherlands where he grew up in a small village having difficulties with authorities. Then he started to develop what the doctors call an "Auto-Immune Disease" and he was told that he would not be able to get rid of the Chronic Ailment and had to take medicine for the rest of his life. He then went ahead, changed his diet and he says that...

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