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A New and Ancient Story: The Podcast


Join author and speaker Charles Eisenstein as he interviews guests and explores ideas around the new and ancient story of interbeing.

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CJ Hopkins: The New Totalitarianism (E60)

Nov 1 • 01:15:44
Playwright, satirist, and political commentator CJ Hopkins, creator of the website Consent Factory, joins me for a conversation on totalitarianism, safety, and the ideology of control. We go a little beyond his political writings on these topics to talk about the inner life of a dissident. Another major topic is the phenomenon of the cult, as a lens through which to unders...

Nathan Riley: Birth and Death (E59)

Sep 30 • 01:10:32
Nathan Riley is a medical doctor trained in OB/GYN and palliative care. In this episode, birth and death, we talk about the role of medicine in society, what
is has been and could be, its beauty and limitations, working in the
system and outside the system. Be sure to listen to the last 15 minutes
especially, where Nathan shares a story that brought tears to my eyes
and is sti...

Daniel Raphael: The Wizard's Path (E58)

Aug 7 • 01:01:11

Anna Breytenbach: Interspecies Communication (E57)

Jul 1 • 01:52:50
Anna Breytenbach is one of the world's best known interspecies communicators, subject of the film The Animal Communicator ( In this conversation we touch on a couple of her stories before zooming out larger themes such as: the living planet and humanity's role on it, the relationship between humans and the rest of life, and how to access the ...

Devorah Brous: Burnout and Renewal (E56)

Apr 24 • 01:16:36
Here I speak with a woman who, in her younger days, put 110% of her time and life energy into a cause, in this case, Palestinian rights (Devorah is Jewish). Her story will resonate with many current and former activists, as it has resonated with me. Today she is a regenerative urban homesteader. Does that mean she has given up on changing the world? Or is there a deep leve...

Yolanda Charles: Trusting Life (E55)

Mar 16 • 01:26:07
British bass guitarist Yolanda Charles carries some powerful stories
about trust, luck, mentorship, motherhood, and music. She shares some of them in our far-reaching conversation on these and other topics. Why does luck sometimes happen in life? Are some people born lucky? Do we make our own luck? What choices and conditions invite it in? This conversation gave me insight ...

Galina Angarova: Cultural Survival (E53)

Dec 18 • 58:16
Galina Angaraova is an indigenous rights activists and the Executive
Director of the nonprofit Cultural Survival. Her stories from her native indigenous village in Siberia illuminate vividly and poignantly the topics we visit, such as gift culture in indigenous societies, the
tragedy of "development," the power of ceremony, healing trauma, and the nature of true wealth. What...

Fritzi Horstman: Step Inside the Circle (E52)

Dec 9 • 01:07:30
Welcome to this moving conversation with prison activist and filmmaker Fritzi Horstman, in which we discuss her powerful short film Step Inside the Circle. Please watch it first. We talk about prisons, trauma, healing, and the bankruptcy of the punishment paradigm. The underlying theme of the conversation is compassion, which, as Fritzi's work makes obvious, is the animati...

Mellody Hayes: Roots of Healing (E51)

Sep 22 • 01:36:24
This was a delightful conversation. We hadn't intended to talk about race, but I'm glad we did, because Mellody shared some unique, unorthodox insights worthy of considering in our troubled times. The conversation ranged into the territory of psychedelic therapy, mysticism, and principles of personal and collective transformation. Her riff on spiritual bypass near the end ...

Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan: A Trillion Points of Light (E50)

Aug 29 • 01:31:01
Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan has an unusual background -- studied mathematics at Harvard, became a Doctor of Oriental Medicine... Actually, nothing I could say about her can do justice to the stories she carries: about the soul's journey, the nature of life and death, illness and healing, and the vastness of human potential. I was on her podcast a couple months ago, and she has g...

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